Puscifer Post 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Cover Video

Maynard James Keenan's Puscifer unveils their latest video for a classic Queen tune cover. And it's a bit weird, as you might have expected.

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Tool frontman's side-project Puscifer has officially posted their latest video for the cover of the classic Queen track, "Bohemian Rhapsody". The cover comes as a part of their latest EP release, "Donkey Punch The Night".

Directed by Mike King, the video features the band and drag queen Dina Martina. As you might have expected, it's a bit weird to say the least, but that's how things go with Maynard, right?

The release features a total of two new songs and two covers, the second one being Accept's "Balls To The Wall". Maynard James Keenan has described the experience of covering these songs as "inspirational", adding it has made him respect the original artists much more.

"From a production standpoint, it's wonderful exercise of recording the layers to really see what went into making it. I have a lot more respect for the original artists. I enjoyed seeing how they approached their signature vocal arrangement. It was very inspirational", stated the frontman.

As far as Maynard's work with Tool goes, the singer has recently left fans in a state of confusion saying there are no 'actual new songs written' yet. Whether we can expect the new album in 2013 still remains unknown.

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So how do you like the cover? And how about that video? It doesn't say "Keep your therapists number handy" in the description for nothing, right? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Too close to the original to be that fantastic, but it's still a good cover. But the video is nothing short of amazing!
    The vocal harmonies in the beginning remind me of the cover of Fiddle and Drum that he did with APC. Really cool cover
    I wish he would put all this energy.. Creativity... And effort into Tool and APC.
    Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those songs where, if you do a faithful cover, everyone says it's uninspired and not creative, whereas, if you put your own spin on it, people whine that you ruined the song. That said, this is a good version of it, as well as the one The Flaming Lips recently released
    You did bring up a good point here, but I think it applies more towards a LIVE cover, where the goal usually is to reproduce the original as close as possible to live fans. In the case though of it being a studio recording forming the meat of an EP release, I think what Maynard did here is a giant waste of time. What is the point of listening to a recorded cover that sounds EXACTLY like the original, when you could just as easily listen to the original? While watching this video, I could only think the whole project merely was an excuse to make the video itself. After Maynard did the eMOTIVe project with APC, I just had so much more expectation for him to do something interesting with a song we've all heard a gajillion times.
    They had a different version/remix they made but they couldn't legally release it so it never made it to the EP.
    What creativity? This is basically a note-for-note cover of Queen's original, save for some really minor vocal harmony changes. Also, the video is annoying. Maynard truly has the driest, weirdest sense of humor.
    It seems sort of a slap in the face to Tool fans Danny and Adam are trying to work on this huge project and Maynard's like "Nah, I'm gonna make a f*cked up version of Bohemian Rhapsody"
    If you don't watch the video, then it's a lot easier to listen to. Side note: I died laughing at the piano segment right before the second verse around 1:50.
    Maynard's hands are kind of tied with Tool until he hears the music - at least a rough cut - so that he can plan his melodies and work his lyrics so that they fit right with the music
    You know, theres other awesome Queen songs to cover guys. Getting kinda tired of this being re-hashed and sold.
    The Balls To The Walls cover was far more original, and good. This is one is interesting, but only that.