Pussy Riot Film Appears At Sundance

artist: Pussy Riot date: 01/22/2013 category: music news
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Pussy Riot Film Appears At Sundance
The documentary film about Pussy Riot has premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Freed Pussy Riot member Katya Samutsevich was greeted with cheers when she appeared on a Skype call during the film's Q&A session, and revealed their perspective of events after the band imprisoned for performing a punk protest in a cathedral. What do their native Russians think of their actions? Katya says most people frown upon the protest, but only because the media presented it as a religious act of hooliganism. "The feminist and political aspect of our performance has been largely ignored, and this points to the larger problem of cultural education, that people don't understand it as a piece of art," she said. Katya, who was freed on appeal unlike two of her bandmates who remain in jail, said this probably won't be their last brush with the law: "We're probably on several blacklists and extremism lists, and it may be that in the future when we continue to do performances, they will try to press criminal charges for smaller things, smaller actions." For now, Katya continues the battle to free the remaining bandmates Nadya and Masha. The little public support they did have in Russia is waning because of the "repressive" means used by authorities before, which gives people less drive to protest in the street. Will Pussy Riot use their fame to launch an official album release when they are all free in the future? "No, we reject commercialism of any sort, and we have no plans to release anything commercial," she defiantly said. "We will never commodify our art." Which is ironic, because as Sundance proves, others have.
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