Pussy Riot Jailed For Two Years

The controversial court case has ended with the young female punk band jailed for "religious hatred". Meanwhile, their supporters are being detained by Russian riot police.

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Female punk band Pussy Riot have been found guilty of hooliganism and jailed for two years.

The band had been arrested after performing a protest song at an Orthodox Christian church in May.

The judge Marina Syrova has now ruled that the band committed hooliganism driven by religious hatred, and even claimed that their "jerking of the limbs" during the performance was further proof of their hatred towards Christians.

The judge even tried claiming that feminism contributed to their religious hate: "The court does find a religious hatred motive in the actions of the defendants by way of them being feminists who consider men and women to be equal."

Russian riot police have rounded up Pussy Riot supporters (which oddly includes Russian chess champion Garry Kasparov) for chanting "Russia Without Putin!" outside the court.

One observer tweeted that they saw "a girl no older than 16 dragged to a riot van by riot police."

Celebrities including Madonna, Bjork and Paul McCartney have voiced their support for the young band and called for their freedom.

What do you think of the case? Will it spark more troubles for Russia, or could it scare others into silence? Share your opinion on the controversial case in the comments.

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    "The court does find a religious hatred motive in the actions of the defendants by way of them being feminists who consider men and women to be equal." What? That can't be a real quote, can it?
    Textbook Christianity considers women inferior to men.
    No, it doesn't, idiot.
    Yes it does you twit. The christian principles being pushed at 1500 are still around in several christian communities, get your head out of your ass. Eve damned the female gender, according to the church that is.
    Wrong, idiot. Some of us have actually read the text. You don't even know what Christian principles are. Wrong on the last point also. Clueless.
    Being anti-Christian is illegal in Russia? We can all chip in and send them Mustaine.
    To those who dont live in post-Soviet countries(Baltic States,Ukraine,Poland to a degree),you wont understand it. Im not justifying Russia,not at all but I understand whats happening. They didnt get arrested because of religious harrasment you idiots. Thread like this is feast for so called atheists. They got arrested because Russia is no different from Belarus,Iran. And I mean the way those countries are ruled. Putin and his buddies are using this case to scare rebelious youth that want to change their own country.
    However, it *is* about religion insomuchas they were protesting in the church because the church supports Putin. It's not about religion or Christianity per se, but it is (partly) about this being another in a lengthy historical list of a specific branch of an organised religion helping a horrible bastard stay in charge.
    It's not at all religious, Putin needed a way to get rid of them, but they hadn't actually broken any laws. It's just Putin being Putin...
    C'mon, really? They've obviously broken quite a few laws, I doubt the authorities in many countries would be too happy if you played an unlicensed, expletive laden concert in a public place. That being said, the sentence is ridiculously harsh and probably politically motivated, but still, there's no denying they broke the law.
    This issue from the beginning seemed less religious and more Putin's personal and political axe to grind. What a disgusting and repulsive outcome.
    Honestly, Putin is a disgusting and repulsive human being. What did we expect?
    Like I've expected, the case ends with Russian authorities jailing them for some fake, stupid reason, because the girls are tough enough to scare Putin. Way to go, democracy...
    The christian thing it's just smokescreen, the real thing here is Putin's way to suppress opossition. Can't expect less from an ex KGB.
    Wow... religious people taking things too seriously and making life worse for others? I'm shocked!
    It has nothing to do with religion. That's just a load of bullshit. The Court knows it, and so does the Russian public.
    Yeah, the Russian government couldn't give two shits about religion. It's cold as **** there, and God only shows himself to people in the desert. It's just spin by an oppressive government to get some dissidents out of the way.
    a desert doesn't have to be hot to be a desert
    Good point. Is there anywhere in Russia that actually classes as a desert? I know Antarctica classes as a desert but I think they get enough rainfall in Russia.
    now it doesnt matter where is the truth because they were ****ing stupid to start yelling at the church..... if they did it in the right, legal way and still be in the court i would be first to defend them..... but how can you defend idiots?!.....
    Alright fine then give them a month of jail time Not 2 years This is just straight up oppression
    you are right..... i understand the prostest but not the form of protest..... Gandhi style is way more effective... you need public on your side not piss them off with stupid things like cutting down cross in front of church... how can this be good for anything
    And who do you think is out doing the vast majority of good in the world while you're bitching on the internet? Atheists? No.
    You idiots need to stop seeing Atheists as these nerdy, low-life, anti-social and evil beings. We are humans just like you. The only difference is we dont believe in a God because of the lack of evidence. We contribute more to this planet then Christians ever have. Christianity has given us murderous Crusades, bigoted innocent groups of people because of what a 2000 year old book said. Atheists have sent people to the moon, discovered ground breaking cures and medical treatment (which work better than praying, hell we just a freaking sent a rover to Mars for ****s sake. And dont get me started on your rapist, paedophile priests.
    I thought scientists were responsible for those acts not atheists. Scientists =/= atheists. Don't be a fool. Also, holding the Crusades against modern day Christians is as absurd as holding modern day whites accountable for slavery of the past. You want people to actually listen to you, stop using hate. Oh as for "thanking" atheists for science I'd like to point out Gregor Mendel, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei were religious and even Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein had some spiritual beliefs. So please stop crediting atheists with all scientific advances. Scientists come from various backgrounds and beliefs, instantly associating them atheists is as ignorant as associating all Christians with being murderous bigots or pedophiles.
    Your ignorance is far beyond what I thought. Galilei was killed by the church because of his work. And when you say that religious people bring the majority of good in this world just shows how brainwashed you are. I don't need a magician to tell me what's good and what's not. Some people do, some people don't. But when religion interferes with politics, which by the way interferes in everyone's life, even atheists, that's where the problem is. Religion isn't and should never be politics. And saying only atheist have hate is kinda ignorant, I mean look at gay marriage, where does the hate comes from? Religion is a brake towards innovation.
    Yes Galileo was persecuted by the Church, but why should that mean that he wasn't religious himself? He was born into a period in history where pretty much EVERYONE was religious, atheists basically didn't exist at the beginning of the Renaissance or the enlightenment. If you read a bit more than the house arrest and re-assess your definition of the world 'killed' (he died whilst under house arrest imposed by the Church, but he died of heart palpitations brought on by illness. Not uncommon for a 77 year old in 1642) you'll see that earlier in his life he considered being a priest. Doesn't get much more religious than that. Now, what were we talking about?
    Ibeanez saying the majority of goods was done by Church, us saying no and you saying yes. FREE PUSSY RIOT!
    The only part of your statement that is true is that atheists are human.
    Apart from the Crusades, which were undoubtedly murderous, and the convictions of more than one priests for paedophilia. Rastapunk, I'm not saying that the majority of the world's good has been done by religious men, but to say all science is the work of atheists (I am an atheist, by the way, and I can't stand organised religion, which is a different beast from simply having faith) is just false. Consider Einstein: 'God does not play with dice'; it's a pretty famous quote. Granted, the likes of Hawking don't believe in God, but times change. Most, if not all, early scientists did.
    Hey I never said that, I only said religion works against scientific innovations .
    Are you kidding me? It's thanks to atheists that we have science, otherwise we would still be listening to religious lies while we pretend to know the meaning of life.
    Hey genius, go anywhere where the sick are being cared for, the homeless are being cared for, addicts being cared for, people traveling great distances to volunteer after natural disasters, etc. There you will find religious people. Oh, by the way, the greatest scientists in history were religious, we have science because of them.
    Wow this is retarded. And "jerking of the limbs" is proof of their hatred towards Christians?? Guess dude has never been in a black church in the South.
    They were lucky they were only convicted of Hooliganism. Now if they had been convicted of Shenanigans, they would really be in trouble.
    Guys listen how this works Russian Christian church is a huge washing machine. They sell crapload of alcohol and tobacco AND do not pay any taxes. Also high ranking priests are incredibly rich and work together with authorities and corporations. Simple as that.
    Because we live in a world where, if you believe there's an invisible man in the sky, and someone makes fun of you for it, **** them jail time. Why is religion so untouchable?
    Tell people there's an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure. -George Carlin
    you mean divine?...plus, why blame God because of what people do?...*facepalm*
    Eclectic Lizard
    It's not religion itself, it's people using religion as a means to control people instead of actually helping people. I have nothing wrong with the local preacher or grandma and grandpa who go to Church every Sunday. It's the high position people who exploit messages of love and peace for power and profit.
    ...I never blamed god. In fact, I questioned his existence entirely. Were you even replying to my comment? Say I went up to someone asked who their favourite band was. They say "Nickelback". I say "Nickelback are a piece of ****ing shit and suck". Then I ask "do you believe in a God?" and they say "Yes, the judeo-christian god". I say "God is a piece of ****ing shit and he sucks" and I have broken some bizarre rule about not hurting people's feelings when connected with religion.
    No you're just an *****. I can respect people's choices in what to believe. But if they push it on me, then I respond with my opinion.
    Come to America, we can always appreciate a good, offensive Pussy Riot...
    What this band did is awesome. They've got 10 times the balls of most wanna-be tough guy bands who think they're cool for writing a dumb breakdown.
    Why is it surprising that Kasparov is a Pussy Riot supporter? He's been a very vocal political activist in Russia for years. I think he even ran for the Kremlin a few years ago.
    And people come and ask me "Lucas, why are you Atheist?"
    people like me don't even judge. it'd be interesting to hear your reasons. ever watch The Amazing Atheist? he has brilliant points in so many topics.
    He's also a dick at random times and generalizes groups of people because of the view of just a few. Like that one video about Texas.
    UG really needs to stop writing articles about about affairs like this that happen anywhere other than the US, and it's a complete shame they have to. My reasoning? Neither the writers nor (most of) the people who comment have absolutely no idea about the cultures, legal systems, etc being written about and it simply fuels US-centric attitudes and unwarranted hatred for a country they know little to nothing about. And all you atheists foaming at the mouth right now, do world peace a favor and grow up. You do realize that telling people what they believe is stupid is in no way, shape, or form different than someone telling you that it's stupid not to believe? мир
    You're free to say to me it's stupid not to believe. Can I say it's stupid to believe to you now?
    A fundamental atheist is no better than a fundamental of any religion. It just perpetuates the cycle of hate.
    There is no such thing as a fundamentalist atheist, atheism has no fundaments, therefore one can not be a fundamentalist atheist. One can be outspoken of course, but what do you care? Aren't you secure enough in you faith? I know very few atheists who hate believers (believers hates us on the other hand), we might think you are deluded, but there is no point in hating you.
    Ever hear of the Chinese Cultural Revolution? Buddhist monks were forced to watch and even participate in the destruction of their temples, some even dying in the process. An extreme example, I know, but yes, it exists. Or at the very least existed. But guys like Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens will always be fundamentalists in my book. If they were Evangelicals as fervent about religion as they are about atheism people would have no problem labeling them as fundamentals. They just have the luxury of hiding behind the 'we have no fundaments' curtain. They're preachers, pure and simply. And not only do they preach their 'there is no God' sermon they're also anti-religion. The moment you become anti-anything is the moment ignorance is born. And ignorance is the birthplace of hate (I sound like Yoda) Fundamentalism coming from anyone is never a good thing. Please don't think that I'm taking sides here, I don't think either party is right or even wrong, for that matter. I just don't like people telling each other what they should and shouldn't think. People should just accept and if they can't do that, tolerate.
    This is not about the hooliganism, it's political. They are a threat to putin because when people have a cause and a voice they stand up for what is right. What he hasn't realized is that you cannot stop the voice by imprisoning it. All it will do is create a stronger demand for the voice and all he has done is make Pussy Riot martyrs for the cause, something that is detrimental to his goals... What does no-one know how to be an efficient dictator these days except me
    Oh, here we go. The 1% of the Christian population making a dumb move and getting all of us protrayed as neo-Nazis. Fuck's sake...I'd love to watch my language, but really. Fuck's sake. I'm sick of this. Can't we all live and let live?
    Communism, alive and well in Russia. It's sad that most people are to naive or ignorant to see that the Cold War is not over by long shot.
    This is propaganda bullshit. Communism has never been a pro-religion ideology.
    To be honest, they aren't musicians. Another stupid performance. As Russian, I can say that they deserve their punishment. Tell me what would happen if you danced and sang in your local church?
    If it was an unwelcome performance, then most likely get done for disturbing the peace, which probably equates to about the same as hooliganism
    Putin is an *****, so I kind of expected this. Sadly there is not much that can be done either, the russians has to boot him out themselves. Interesting how Putin seems determined to bring back great Russia again...
    If i say those exact same word they said here in the comments, will i be taken by the russians then? FUCK YOU POETIN
    EXCUSE ME. There are few things, if any, i hate more than religion in the world. And you are telling me that if a protest using my (doubtful) popularity, I CAN BE JAILED? Fuck your world, i do not want to live in it.
    Female punk band Pussy Riot have been found guilty of hooliganism and jailed for two years. Wat
    They were found guilty, they still have a sentencing. they can be jailed for up to two years.
    I'm russian,so i can say that people from Europe or USA will never understand our rules as russians are unique people ,and if you hurt their feelings(i dont write about stupid animals who call themselves russians too) they punish you,so its beter for pussy riot be in a jail for 2 next years,as people will forget about them.And foreign musicians etc. support them because they dont believe in God and hes nothing for them.
    Two years isn't too bad, I mean at one point if you went against the church the burnt you alive, still a little too far though I mean freedom of speech is freedom of speech.
    I'm from Russia,and i can say that what they did is awful as their actions insulted feelings of all religious people,so their punishment is warranted.But i also think that it's Putin's revenge in part.
    Who the **** liked this? I imagine people who have no understanding of human rights or the corruption in Russia, let alone in the church. Fucking tragic day, although I love the publicity they have. Yet it seems very likely that the story will die away and they will serve the two years. Hopefully not.
    Hooliganism? Thats an offense? This sounds like a joke. HOOLIGANISM?!?!?! Like wtf?! "I sentence you to 2 years in prison for one count of Hooliganism!" F*ck the world yo. Every single day I see more and more reasons why the world just sucks.
    But seriously what the F*#k is HOOLIGANISM? Its sounds like a crime that would be created in that footloose town.
    Hooliganism=disturbing the peace, more or less. Almost every country (including the US) has a similar offense.
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    Well, I don't think that performing punk song in the main temple of the country is a rebellion of the youth. It's like a group of priests coming to a metal gig to do a divine service.