Pussy Riot Members Sent To Prison Camps

Band members moved to "tough conditioned" camps east of Moscow.

Ultimate Guitar

BBC is today reporting that the two convicted women from the Russian punk band Pussy Riot are currently on their way to two prison camps east of Moscow. The conditions in the two camps, in Perm and Mordovia, are reported to be tough. They were used for mass prison colonies during the Soviet era.

Maria Alyokhina (24) and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (22) were both jailed for two years back in August, after singing an anti-Kremlin song in a cathedral as an act of protest. The pair were convicted of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" because of the "punk prayer" that they performed in Moscow's Christ the Savior cathedral on February 21st. The prison sentence given to the two women has been widely condemned.

The Pussy Riot group on Twitter posted the following message with regard to the band members' transfer: "At the weekend Nadya [Tolokonnikova] was sent on a special flight to Mordovia, while Masha [Alyokhina] was sent to Perm region. Those are cruellest camps of any that could have been chosen."

As Ultimate-Guitar has reported one member of the band - Yekaterina Samutsevich - was freed with a suspended jail sentence after the band appealed their case on October 10th. However, the other two band members lost their appeal against the sentence, in spite of the plea that their sentences be deferred.

It had been argued that the two women, who both have young children, should not go to jail until their children had reached 14. Alyokhina has a five-year-old son, Filipp, and Tolokonnikova has a four-year-old daughter, called Gera.

Samutsevich as vowed to continue the group's fight against the Russian authorities:

"We are not finished. We have to act in such a way so that they (Russian authorities) do not learn about the concerts ahead of time, and be caught and jailed afterwards."

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    Maybe Reznov will help them break out. I hope someone gets the ridiculously unfunny reference...
    Or a fundamentalist Muslim country...they'd be stoned to death for wearing the wrong clothes, let alone speaking out.
    Messed up...a country where expressing ideas gets you 2 years in a work camp.
    They're lucky they don't live in North Korea. There they would just get a bullet in the head.
    This sucks, i hope they and the people of russia keep up the good fight and earn some freedom eventually.
    Hmm, which other authoritarian government was it that sent people to prison camps again?
    -Cuba under Spanish Rules -British during the Boer War in Africa -Germany during Nazi Rule -USSR -Italy under Mussolini. -Used by the US during the American Civil War and during WW2 for Japanese Americans.
    -USA during the invasion of the Philippines. -Let's also not forget the removal of Native Americans off their homelands and onto reservations -Serbia during the Bosnian War -North Korea as we speak
    Well maybe thats why u dont protest in a cathedral. Just sayin.
    That's also why you do not make up "hooliganism" charges because the girls were tough enough to stand up for what they believe.