Pussy Riot Nominated For Time's 'Person Of The Year'

The Russian punk band will compete with Felix Baumgartner, Psy and Tim Cook for the prestigious award. Who would you nominate?

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Members of Pussy Riot who were jailed for their infamous protest in a Russian cathedral have been nominated for Time magazine's Person Of The Year award.

They will compete with 38 other nominees for the award, including daredevil Felix Baumgartner, Apple boss Tim Cook, "Fifty Shades Of Grey" author EL James, and Korean rapper Psy.

Last year's winner was "the protester", simply to represent the people who took part in protests around the world in 2011. In 2010, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg won the award.

Writing about Pussy Riot, Time said: "In a year when so many voices of liberty and dissent have suffered harsh retribution, the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot has paid a particularly steep price for provocative political expression."

One of the three jailed members of Pussy Riot has been released after proving that she hadn't even taken her guitar out its case before being booted from the cathedral. The other two continue to serve a two year sentence, with one of them recently being moved to solitary confinement for her own safety.

Who would you nominate from the rock world as person of the year? Post your nominations in the comments.

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    Psy? PSY?! Psy... http://i.imgur.com/oHtJs.gif
    I bet they did Gangnam Style in the church.
    Better PSY than E L James. The worst part about that whole thing is that his smut writing wasn't even good smut. "Her inner goddess said, "Oh my". Yeah. My inner goddess threw up a little bit.
    *Her Also her work started off as a Twilight fan fiction which was later edited to remove the references, no lie. That explains the bad writing as well.
    Daredevil? I think thats an understatement. Doing a backflip on a motorcycle is being a daredevil,falling to earth from space is a whole new level
    So, there's the CEO of a company who steals others ideas and overcharges for them, an author of a porn novel, a stuntman, and a funny Korean dude.
    Stuntman? He broke the sound barrier WITH HIS FACE.
    True, true, I wouldn't mind if he made it, but the rest of them...
    i would. what in the hell did he do for anyone but literally himself that deserves him being person of the year. this whole list of nominees is gag-worthy. the inclusion of psy and el james are just plain laughable, im surprised it isnt april first
    the whole red bull stratos thing is great because the technology they developed for his suit for the jump is innovative and will be used for manned missions into orbit in the future and stuff. anything that promotes scientific progress deserves all the recognition it can get imo (even if it is just a huge promotional stunt)
    Only ones on that list that actually mean something. If some talentless one-hit wonder wins person of the year, well...then it was a pretty shit year and Darwin would agree.
    Note there are 40 nominees, and almost all of them are more likely to win than Psy or EL James.
    Then again, its 2012 and humanity isnt exactly getting brighter.
    It actually is, this is currently the most intelligent and well-educated generation there has ever been, and it will only go up from there.
    Randy Blythe \m/
    Agree.At least nominate him.
    Nominate someone for person of the year for accidently killing a kid? That's all he's done. Nothing for a greater good. This whole list is an utter joke. Why make it more laughable by adding a murderer to the list?
    I'd say jail this guy up innocently for manslaughter, and give him the same treatment that he advocates. Practice what you preach and get the facts before you open your foul trap, you disrespecting little b*tch.
    it was sarcasm to see how many close-minded people i could get to thumbs up a potential murderer. Lamb of God still rocks though
    My Last Words
    And what if he was just some ordinary guy and not the lead singer of LoG. Bring on the downvotes
    You are right. Randy didnt really do anything revolutionary. It's what the other country did that gets so many peoples attention.
    Malala should win she's the only one that really deserves it.
    I was waiting for this. Can't agree with you more. She took a bullet for education while EL James took money for shitty porn novels.
    Im sure there are scientists, doctors, paramedics, firefighters etc who deserve this award more than a fat china man or some leabians
    I like how most of the comments arent at all about Pussy Riot, and how wonderfull it is for them and their cause, but instead about how retarded the other nominees are... Seriously, what is wrong with this world?!
    guy who landed the Mars Rover?
    Seriously tired of hearing about these hacks. They made awful music and acted like shitheads in a church. I'm not a religious person at all, and I don't care that they did what they did.
    i don't know what you are talking about, the Mars Rover and the guy who landed it seem pretty cool....
    Haha, don't know why UG posted my comment as a reply to his. Obviously I was just making a general comment on Pussy Riot. The Mars Rover is a badass.