Pussy Riot Thank Supporters, Vow To Continue Their Fight In New Video

artist: Pussy Riot date: 09/07/2012 category: music news
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Pussy Riot Thank Supporters, Vow To Continue Their Fight In New Video
Russian punk collective Pussy Riot have recorded a video for NME in which they thank their supporters and burn an effigy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. A transcript of the video message is featured below: "We've been fighting for the right to sing, to think, to criticise. To be musicians and artists ready to do everything to change our country. No matter the risks, we go on with our musical fight in Russia". "Thank you Madonna, thank you Red Hot Chili Peppers, thank you Bjork, thank you Green Day... Thank you to all musicians, activists and everyone around the world who have stood up together to fight for our right to be free". Showing the burning effigy of President Putin, the band then state: "Our country is dominated by evil men. These men think it's illegal to call yourself a feminist, to sing punk music. These men think it's illegal to stand up for the rights of the gay and lesbian community. These men think that you can't critisice your government. These men think that if you sing and dance in an inappropriate way, you get two years in prison". "Start the pussy riot and never stop.The fight for freedom is an endless battle that is bigger than life". The three jailed members of Pussy Riot have appealed against their two-year prison sentence which they received for staging a flash mob style protest at Moscow's Church Of Christ The Saviour. The band wore balaclavas during the performance, which meant that two of the group avoided being identified. Those members have since managed to escape Russia after Russian Police confirmed that they were still searching for the two members. According to the Guardian newspaper, the group are "recruiting foreign feminists to prepare new protest actions".
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