Pykmax - The Guitar Pick Reimagined

date: 04/07/2014 category: music news
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Pykmax - The Guitar Pick Reimagined
Pro Music Marketing, Inc. announced the launch of Pykmax High Performance Guitar Picks. The result of a multiyear design and engineering effort, Pykmax features a patented ergonomic design which makes it extremely comfortable to play with and eliminates the need for tight gripping of the pick. 

Early adopters of Pykmax have found it very easy and enjoyable to use say that it feels very natural in their hands.

According to Jeremy Milikow, CEO of Pro Music Marketing, "Pykmax enables you to concentrate less on gripping the pick and more on your actual playing. It's innovative design enables greater speed and superior control of your playing. Regardless of how wild you play or how sweaty your hand gets, the pick will not rotate or slip but rather will stay in the perfect position for strumming and picking. Furthermore, Pykmax opens the door for guitarists to develop new and innovative techniques that are simply not possible with current guitar pick designs."

Pykmax is currently available in two right handed body sizes, small and medium. The small size is recommended for children up the age of approximately 15 and for adults with small hands. The medium size is recommended for most adult players. Three plectrum gauges are offered for each body size. 0.60mm, 0.88mm, and 1.00mm. Pykmax plectrums are precision injected molded from Delrin. Standard Pykmax packaging includes one body and one plectrum mounted on the body. The standard retail price is $12.00. Pykmax is available in the USA at the Pykmax webstore and

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