QOTSA and NIN Hint at Co-Headlining Tour

The two bands announce plans for an Australian concert trek.

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Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails have announced plans for a joint Australian tour in the near future. The pair hinted at the major trek via Twitter, posting an upside-down image of Australia along with words "NIN + Queens coming..." Any details regarding the tour, such as specific dates, venues or ticket prices yet remain undisclosed, but are expected to be revealed soon. Following the recent Soundwave drama, Trent Reznor stated that he's working on a "better scenario" for an Australian trek, which seems to be what we now have at hand. "Australia: we love you and we're coming," the frontman tweeted back in August. "Didn't feel Soundwave was the right vibe for us or our fans - working on a better scenario." Both QOTSA and NIN have released new records this year - Josh Homme and co. unleashed "...Like Clockwork" in early June through Matador Records, while "Hesitation Marks" dropped on September 3 via Columbia Records as the eighth NIN studio effort. Stay tuned for more info and let us know what you think of the co-headlining endeavor in the comments.

Soon. @nineinchnails @trent_reznor pic.twitter.com/4nooHh2XXs

— QOTSA (@qotsa) October 1, 2013

Australia: we love you and we're coming. Didn't feel Soundwave was the right vibe for us or our fans - working on a better scenario.

— Trent Reznor (@trent_reznor) August 23, 2013

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    Just in case UG censors my first comment, I'd just like to express how excited I am for this. Hope they both can come to Perth - we got an arena and plenty of eager fans now
    Saw both them play at Made in America Fest in philly. If they tour and you can go efing go. You won't be dissapointed.
    Please come to Christchurch! I see that picture of New Zealand there. Sadly we had an earthquake just before Queens were going to come bout 2 and a half years ago. Ruined our city and the concert never happened.
    Id just like to point out that New Zealand is also on this map, we exist as well.
    You beat me to it, love Aus but it's much nicer here in New Zealand. Qotsa NIN in Christchurch. Please
    Gotta wonder whether Trent Reznor will tweet about Queens if they headline..
    I love Queens to bits, I have every album by them as a physical copy, but I still don't think I'll see them as I'm not a huge fan of NIN. Knowing that they're both huge bands, their tickets will be incredibly expensive and not worth just to see one band.
    Dude! I bought tickets for Sonisphere festival only to go see Motorhead! No, I don't sh8t with money, but some bands are worth it!
    Worth the expense, not worth sh8ting money, though that would be interesting
    Well maybe you should start listening to NIN now then, so that way by the time they get to playing a show...you will be a fan.
    I got to see them both back to back at made in America it wasn't them co-headling but it was close....def a badass ending to that weekend
    I just saw Queens the other week in Asheville. They rocked out. Definitely a great live show!
    NIN at Red Rocks, CO was one of the best shows I had seen... until I saw Queens a few weeks ago. NIN with Jane's Addiction in MA was one of the shittiest shows I've paid money to see... crap sound, little in the way of visuals. NIN wasn't bad but it did not even come close to their previous tour w/ Deerhunter. Then they announced they weren't going to tour anymore, so I'd be skeptical of the quality of their show today.