QOTSA and Nine Inch Nails to Headline Jay-Z Festival

The rapper has apparently hand-picked some rock bands for his Made in America festival which kicks on on August 31. Will it work for the rock and rap worlds to collide?

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Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails have been selected by rapper Jay-Z to headline the Budweiser Made In America music festival in Philadelphia in August. It's not the first time that rock bands have taken part in Jay-Z's new festival, as Pearl Jam were headliners at its debut event last year.

Other bands to take part this year include the Gaslight Anthem, Phoenix and Imagine Dragons.

So why are rock bands appearing at an event curated by perhaps the biggest rapper in the world? Budweiser's Vice President of marketing Paul Chibe explains (via NME):

"The point of having that diversity in our music lineup [is because] we're trying to expose the people to different types of music."

He continued: "Much like last year, where if you never saw Pearl Jam but you're a Jay-Z fan, we want fans of Beyonce or Calvin Harris of Wiz Khalifa to have the opportunity to see Nine Inch Nails or stuff they might have [not] seen for a while like Public Enemy. That eclectic mix creates an opportunity for us to really show the impact of music culture."

Do you like festivals that showcase music from different genres, or is it more fun to immerse yourself in a straight-up rock festival? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    as long as they don't mix up nickelback with slipknot... edit: no srsly, last time it happened nickelback were stoned out of the venue
    Aren't Nickelback and Slipknot signed to the same label?
    Thrice Capades
    Aren't you on the internet? Can't you just Google it? I mean..I would...but then again typing the word "Nickelback" in your browser is like having terrible hemorrhoids. Decisions, decisions...
    Thrice Capades
    Two outstanding bands and live acts. Shouldn't really be a shocker, though. Especially NIN, with all the work Reznor's been doing Dre and the fact that his albums have had some hints of hip hop (small, whispers of hints) I think NIN would be very well received at this show. Then again, Trent Reznor is God so there really doesn't need to be any justification.
    I'm not a Nickelback fan, I do like the song Leader of Men, but honestly there are so much more trashier and awful sellout bands than Nickelback. I mean, I can barely listen to current rock radio stations any more.
    Yay! Two real respectable artists and a slew of trend bands who won't be around in five years!
    that's pretty much the definition of a music festival... I for one support Mr. Z's decision.
    Yup, great initiative. Most people who like pop-stuff don't listen to other music because they simply don't know about other music or never get a good introduction to any of it. The media and dance clubs simply drown the people in meaningless and hollow party music... But yes, there is a world beyond top 40 music. So thumbs up for the guys organising this festival.
    Ah irony. Most people on this site probably never listen to rap, pop, funk, RnB, electronica, dubstep, ambient etc. Yes,there is a world beyond rock and metal.
    I went last year and it was awesome, great party vibe, stage set up was good, great crowd I had a blast this years lineup is amazing I'm a fan of a wide range of music and its a perfect mix this year... nin,phoenix,queens,Kendrick Lamar,asap rocky,Fitz and the tantrums,gaslight,imagine dragons...I know what I'm doing this labor day weekend
    To give idiot fans a taste of what real good music sounds like.
    ya ur music taste is so superior
    Jay Z is better than NIN and QOTSA? I think not. They are superior in many ways my friend.
    Neither is objectively superior. If you like NIN and QotSA better, that's cool, but neither is actually better than the other.
    From this logic you're saying each song is designed and produced to exactly the same standard, each riff is as creative as any other, each guitarist/bassist/drummer/etc is equally as good at song writing, every song lyric is as original and meaningful as every other lyric ever made... this just isn't the case. There's a reason why music critics don't just give everything they listen to a 5.
    I'm not saying that. Not even close. I'm saying it's your opinion as to which is more creative, more original, etc. It's the critics' opinions as well. No one is objectively better. There's nothing wrong about having your own opinion as to who is better, but no opinion can be objectively proven true or false.
    As long as its rock and rap and stuff like that, when it comes to metal, no mixes allowed.
    Metalheads are the most narrow minded people.
    I would just like to say I am a huge 'metal head' but Jay-Z is also one of my favorite artists. I don't hate rap, there's just so much garbage rap out there these days that it unfortunately brings the genre down as a whole
    Please don't confuse this elitist for the entire metalhead population, many of us like rap-metal and dare I say it the good nu-metal
    Rap/Metal is awesome Rage Against The Machine, need anybody say more.
    Exactly. Most metalheads I know are much more open to listening to different kinds of music more than any other people I know. I have yet to meet a close minded metalhead in person. I feel like there's a vocal group of elitists that are the basis of everyone's perceptions of metalheads.
    +1 But fans of other genres aren't much better.
    why not just be a fan of music and quit trying to divide it up
    Because what you can music and what I call music are completely different.
    Why would you (or anyone else) get to consider what is music and what is not? "I don't like peas, therefore, they are not food." I think most people can agree that sounds... asinine.
    Oh noes, you didnt get what i meant. Im saying that there shouldnt be a festival/gig where both strictly metal bands and strictly rap artists would play, it would kinda ruin both experiences. Other than that i enjoy my nu-metal and rap, and if you want a good rapper whos also a "rocknroll nigga", check out Tech N9ne, he even collaborated with Deftones.
    I think it sounds awesome, it's great that they are keeping it so eclectic and diverse. Hopefully it will bring a bit more commercial exposure to great rock/metal bands like QOTSA and NIN.
    I would kill to go to a concert with like Queens of the Stone Age, Lamb of God, Nas, Mobb Deep, Radiohead and Revocation.
    While the idea of mixing genres via concert is an innovative concept,it isnt going to do anything for the true fans of those bands,mainly because of the differences in music preferences,U cant have a mosh pit with a bunch of G wanna bees in it,they will want to pull a gun or some dumb sh?$#.Its best to have the entire experience be one way or the other.
    Just me... but NIN and QOTSA arent the most appealing bands for rap fans... why didnt they go for like A7x (as they've dones stuff with rappers eg MGK) or maybe Linkin Park/Korn, not that they're better... but they're more accessible IMO. anyways... not too sure anything heavier than Nickelback would get a good crowd ambience... anyway, this basically says it all, NB related https://twitter.com/Slash/status/3123037...
    Prff live and let live, I love QOTSA and NIN, but seriously A Nation Of Millions can't hold us back (Public Enemy) is mind blowing. I'd be well up for goin to this, Glastonbury will have to do
    I struggle with Public Enemy sometimes because those old school beats are so primitive, but Chuck D is the real ****ing deal.