QOTSA Announce Epic World Tour

A huge world tour is on the cards after spending so long in the recording studio working on their new album "...Like Clockwork", including a bunch of huge festival dates.

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Queens Of The Stone Age will embark on an extensive world tour in support of their long-awaited new record "...Like Clockwork" which is out in June.

No other official dates have been revealed, but the band promise to hit the road in a big way after spending so long in the studio working on the new album.

They're also on the lineup for a bunch of festival dates, starting this weekend with Lollapalooza in Brazil and with more to follow over the summer. Events listed so far include Download in the UK, Peace And Love Festival in Sweden, Roskilde in Denmark, and Benicassim in Spain, according to NME.

Today it was revealed that former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore will join them on the road as their full-time touring drummer, replacing long-term QOTSA drummer Joey Castillo.

It was also revealed that Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner has joined the roster of guest musicians, which to date includes Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Sir Elton John among many others.

Will you try to catch Queens Of The Stone Age on this tour before they disappear into a studio again for several years? Have you seen them before? Let us know about it in the comments.

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    Diony x
    Would be awesome if they perform live with all these great guest musicians.
    I have such a wonderful feeling about the new album. It makes my nads tingle and my balls sing.
    Seen these boys off the back of every album since Songs For The Deaf, and they always put ona good show
    I wonder what is this growing in my pants... doesn't look like a STD... Alex Turner is also a very interesting collaboration, since Homme has been with Arctic Monkeys since Humbug and the results have been very good.
    Might go and see them at Open'er in Poland, looks like it'll be cracking
    OH.MY.GOD. I'm so psyched about this!!!! I've seen them life and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I remember Josh Homme asking people in the crowd for drugs and he said "I'm gonna dedicate the following song to whoever brings me drugs after the show" They started playing "Battery Acid". I parked my car by the tour bus and after the show I was getting into my car and I saw God himself Joshua Homme passing out on the tour bus ramp and I wanted to get his autograph but decided not to for fear that his ginormous bodyguard next to him would kick my ass.
    I can't think of anything bad QOTSA has done, EVER! I will have to see them again cause they kick ass live.
    Dave won't tour with them? Pass.
    Have you heard Jon Theodore play? Watch this clip and imagine him behind the kit while playing Song for the Dead or You Can't Quit Me Baby and not crack a smile
    Vicryl 2.0
    i love zack when he raps but damn when he sings, it sounds like those adam sandler songs....
    ^ would rather see an overrated egomaniac drum for them than a truly great drummer.
    I wouldn't call Dave and egomaniac. I just think he always has to be doing something. He even says he's not the greatest drummer in the world, too. It's hard as shit troll the dude.
    I actually really really like Dave's drumming, and I'm not a fanboy, I don't even like Foo Fighters that much. But his drumming has so much power and energy behind it that you can always tell when it's him. That said, it would be retarded to be disappointed that Theodore is touring instead.
    I've seen them three times and I plan on seeing them this time around again! They're great live!
    Tickets for Southside arrived last week, Queens and rammstein all in one weekend
    in the words of the legendary samuel l jackson.... im f**kin goin thats all there is to it im f**kin goin!
    I'm going to try my hardest to see these guys. Amazing band.
    Going to see them on Lollapalooza Chile next Saturday. I'm gonna be complete out of stamina and the band that is going to play AFTER QOTSA is... (wait for it) PEARL JAM! Fkin awesome for the same day.
    He has a lot to live up to since dave groghl drums on this record. But he seems good and crazy enough....
    Jon Theodore is good enough that I'm not even plussed that Dave isn't doing the whole album.
    Seen them 3 times, last time was performing their Self titled album in full. Will be seeing them again for this tour too without a doubt.
    Ill try and catch them in Glasgow.Theyve played there quite a bit in the last few years cant see them not going back.
    I feel like they know this is going to be an epic album, and that makes me excited. If they were unconfident about it, they wouldn't be building it up so much or planning a huge world tour to back it up. So damn stoked! Can't wait!
    I have seen them before in dublin in 2008 when i was 17, had to buy a fake id and paid twice the asking price for the ticket. Still have not been to a better gig. I dont think i will either.