QOTSA Anxious to Enter Studio: 'We Have a Lot of New Songs'

artist: Queens of the Stone Age date: 07/11/2014 category: music news
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QOTSA Anxious to Enter Studio: 'We Have a Lot of New Songs'
Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has confirmed that the band is more than looking forward to his the studio and work on the "...Like Clockwork" follow-up.

Chatting with Crave Online, Josh explained how the latest tour dragged on for a bit too long, leaving the group anxious to start composing.

"There's a lot of new songs," he said. "I've been writing a lot on the road, and there's some stuff that we didn't quite pick up to tinker with that was waiting in the wings on the last record that just never got ... we had enough. We were having plenty of trouble figuring out those ones, so as not to pick up the other ones. And they didn't really belong on the last record. Some of 'em were too happy."

After explaining how expressing happiness has always been the most difficult thing in QOTSA song, Homme focused on drummer Jon Theodore, naming his lack of involvement on the latest album as one of the reasons for feeling "itchy" about getting back to the studio.

"I think we're all so itchy to go back into the studio, in particular because Jon only performed on one song, and we kind of see our future in Jon. His abilities have not been mined in any way, in that there's so much he can do that takes us into such a weird and beautifully off-kilter position for us.

"So I think there's a definite urge to jump back in the studio. I think the hardest part is going to be to regroup and learn how to be home for a second. Cause we really haven't been home."

Further discussing the matter, the frontman added, "That's the thing with someone like Jon, who can bring everything to the table. And some drummers can be so kitchen sink about everything that you almost don't know what you're hearing.

"For me it's much more difficult ... if you're playing with someone, try to ask them to play one note for five minutes and see if they can do it. It's one of the most impossible things. It's so difficult, it takes such skill and concentration to be Jaki Liebezeit from Can.

"He's not only one of Jon’s favorite drummers, but one of mine as well. He's gotta be one of the funkiest, best, most groovin' best drummers possible. Now if you put him up against someone who's constantly playing, and do the Pepsi challenge with Jaki Liebezeit, with someone that’s always going off and can't hold back, people will pick Jaki Liebezeit. Nine dentists out of ten will pick Jaki Liebezeit."

During the rest of the chat, Josh touched on the matter of death metal, calling it an "unsexy" genre, but admitting it would be interesting if he could do a death metal scream.

"The truth is, I want to play for the girls," he said. "And I somehow feel like death metal ... I want it to feel like a party, and you have to encourage and incorporate the girls in there too, you know? [Death metal] is categorically unsexy. It's badass. I'll listen to Vader, I'll do it all, but..."
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