QOTSA Debut New Song 'My God Is the Sun'

Watch the band performing the song at Lollapalooza Brazil last weekend.

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Queens Of The Stone Age debuted new song "My God Is The Sun" at Lollapalooza Brazil on March 30, NME reports.

The track is the first taste of new music from the Josh Homme-fronted group and is taken from the band's forthcoming new album "Like Clockwork". The gig at the Lollapalooza festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil was the rock band's first live performance since a string of dates in 2011 to support the re-release of their 1998 self-titled debut album.

The show was the first opportunity for fans to get a glimpse of new drummer Jon Theodore. Dave Grohl replaced long-term drummer Joey Castillo for recording the new album, but former Mars Volta sticksman Theodore is taking up touring duties behind the kit.

Queens Of The Stone Age are set to release their forthcoming new album, "...Like Clockwork" this June on their new label, the independent Matador. The album contains a list of guest stars, including Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, Dave Grohl as the band drummer, Elton John, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.

Watch "My God Is The Sun" performance below.

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    Full show (not HD) here:
    Jon Theodore totally kills it on every song.
    this at least assures me that this is article is real, i'm seriously paranoid about trusting the articles today. Watching you UG... watching you...
    Came back from a very LOOOONG day/night at work. Its 4 am right now. I have to get up and open my store again in less than 4 hours. So very tired. I couldn't wait to go to sleep when I got home. But I just finished watching the entire concert gbrooks2 put up here and I listened to QOTSA brand new song and all I can say is.... I'll sleep when I'm dead! Right now it's time to listen to and watch Queens of the Stone Age! ! ! Thank you Josh! ! ! !
    Not sure why there's so much hate for this song. I think this song is the most "Songs for the Deaf" sounding song they've done in a while. Also, I happen to think "Lullabies to Paralyze" was a terrific album, on par with "Songs for the Deaf" (shoot me). "Era Vulgaris" wasn't as good as those albums, but still good nonetheless.
    Lollapalooza was the tits in the 90s, it's so sad that nowadays QOTSA has to perform on front of hipster dipshits.
    Ahh, well I definitely agree with you here. I can't f*cking wait to see them at Lolla, but there will plenty of people there who just want to be seen there/are just there to party and probably don't even really give a crap about the band. I, on the other hand, and praying that I get to hear Tangled Up in Plaid. My god, I'd pee right then and there.
    I feel like if you're sitting there comparing this to songs off of Rated R, then maybe you haven't really listened to a whole lot of other QOTSA albums. I can't wait to hear the studio version of this song (I'm pretty sure it's one of the Grohl tracks, based on the samples)
    Is Josh the only original member left in the band? Not that the new guys are bad, I just wish they would bring Oliveri back, but fit him with a shock collar that goes off whenever he gets within 5 feet of a woman.
    Well, Troy and Alain have been there for a while now (Alain has basically been there since the beginning, anyways) and same with Mark Lanegan. Nick has not returned permanently, no, but he has cleaned up his act and is performing on the new album.
    Holy f'n shit of God, this is awesome. I'm glad this is not an April Fools article, too.
    awesome song. we, brazilian qotsa fans, are honored for being there when the band first played this song live.
    I hope this isn't the lead single from the album, it is alright but it doesn't have that oomph that you get from tracks like Lost Art of Keeping a Secret.
    I could care less if there are any singles, really. I mean aside from No One Knows and Little Sister, I have never thought of QOTSA as a radio band. I enjoyed the crap out of this song. (I'm probably forgetting a big single or two, but still)
    It is not about the singles at all, I coudn't care less if they get radio play or not. What I was trying to say is if this is their lead single then it doesn't say much for the rest of the album, the lead single is the song where the band thinks "yeah out of all the tracks on the album this will be the one that draws the most interest" and if this is their choice I am underwhelmed.
    If you're hard wired for the Rated R sound, I think there is a good chance you will be underwhelmed by the whole thing. They're a very different band now than they were then. Not worse by any means, but different. And that's both necessary and good. If you don't like the new QOTSA, that's fine, but give it a chance and try not to compare it too hard to their early work.
    that was....pretty boring and bland.
    Nero Galon
    Thats QOTSA in general. Hate me.
    I don't hate you, because it really is the truth. they have a few good songs. but most are just kinda. eh. chromatic strumming alllll the time. unfortuneatly there really are not many rock bands left in the world, so when a mediocre one releases a new album everyone becomes.....OMGGGGG I F***ING LOVEEEE QOTSA
    Yeah, it's not like I legitimately like them or anything. It's what you said. Obviously I like them because I have no other choice. pssh. grow up.
    sooo when metallica releases an album you arent gonna be like OMGGGGG I F**KING LOVE METALLICA. (they havent aged a day either)
    depends on if they release a shit album or not. I wasn't a huge fan of death magnetic. I love metallica for kill em all through black album. also. metallica songs are all pretty different. mainly cause the rhythm sections. so therefore your ignorant point you are trying to make becomes invalid.
    The sad thing is that I finally got the hype up. Then this..hit me. Seriously, QOTSA hasnt released anything even remotely interesting since Songs for the Deaf. I want to like them, but it seems like Josh has lost it. I think they need the punk-vein thats called Nick Olivieri. By this Im not saying that Josh sucks. God no. Talented as few, but he doesnt work with the skills.
    OMG can't wait for new fall out boy..... Thanks for keeping REAL ****ing rock n roll alive and kicking ass, QotSA
    My mom snorted cocaine off your dick? Wow, I can't argue with that infallible argument.
    Wish UG would stop abriviating band names in the title.. I'm not cool enough to memorize them all
    Good Ol' Ramos
    So much musical Godliness associated with this album. If Queens of the Stone Age was a piece of basketball memorabilia, it would be a basketball used by, and then signed and jizzed on by all members of the 1996 Olympic Dream Team.
    This actually sort of reminded me of "Roulette Dares" before I realized the drummer was the guy who played on "Roulette Dares"
    The song's ok, IMO. I'm still a bigger fan of the stuff from their first couple albums. This song's a little to "out there" for me