QOTSA Diss Miley Cyrus, Announce 'Twerk-Free' Show

Rockers make a special announcement for the recent VMAs venue gig.

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As Queens of the Stone Age added a new show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center to their tour itinerary, Josh Homme and co. figured to take at least a quick jab at Miley Cyrus' recent performance at the same venue.

The pop star's show at hand is of course this year's VMA ceremony the web's recently been buzzing about. So after the whole twerking incident, QOTSA are looking to clear the air out and turn the renowned venue into a "twerk-free-zone," Pitchfork reports.

"On December 14 Brooklyn, New York's Barclays Center will be designated as a (relatively) twerk-free-zone as Queens of the Stone Age will play its debut headline engagement at the arena, restricting teddy bears to the merch table and returning guitars, drums and other such live instruments to the Barclays stage," reads the announcement.

Another rockstar who briefly touched on this year's VMAs was Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters mainman shunned NY Daily News reporter's "rock is dead comments," telling him to speak for himself.

The report itself addressed the lack of diversity at this year's ceremony, calling rock, hard-core hip-hop and country "phased out."

"Today, MTV reflects its audience's tastes, they don't shape it," the reporter said. "But it's disappointing that, in a YouTube world filled with such amazing diversity, MTV would point us all in one direction."

As for QOTSA, the group's currently busy on the road promoting their latest effort "...Like Clockwork." Released on June 3 through Matador Records, the album claimed No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart with 91,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

The band recently posted one of the new tunes live performance clip. You can check out "I Sat by the Ocean" below.

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    what does mustaine have to say?
    "Mustaine disses QOTSA: 'It's not metal if there's no twerking.'"
    Mustaine Slams Twerking: "Obama invented Twerking so Satan can fool us into thinking space exists"
    "MTV would point us all in one direction" I see what you did there!
    "I'm high class, I'm a *****. Actually both. Basically, I'm a pro." pretty much sums up Miley.
    It's a good thing UG censored out wh0re on the QOTSA lyrics I posted as a comment to keep the site clean. Remember when UG posted pictures of molds of the members of Rammstein's actual penises? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
    Jacques Nel
    Can't stand that b!tch honestly. She looked like a crack wh0re...
    She does do crack (or at least glorifies doing crack in her music). I can't speak as to whether she's a wh*re.
    i can....she still has my balls in her mouth...only cost me $3.50
    link no1
    God damn it!!! How many times have we told you?!? Don't give that Loch Ness Monster no God damn three fiddy or she'll just keep coming back!!!
    Jacques Nel
    Well she looked like one, did you see the "life goes on"-face she made while 'twerking'?
    What the hell is twerking? Seriously, I have no idea.
    MTV hasn't been relevant since before most of you were born. Don't like it, don't watch it. Don't bitch and complain just keep making your own music and one day things will change.
    Life doesn't work that way now, does it? Complaining is actually healthy for the mind; repressing on the other hand will **** you up.
    Complaining just makes you better at complaining. Learn some phychology.
    Jacques Nel
    And for MTV's information ROCK IS NOT DEAD! But if you want to shun us it's fine, because true great rock acts should not be involved with a channel that has turned into a pop-culture attention seeking sellout crapfest.
    And everyone's giving her and that whole subculture exactly what they want by reporting on it, commenting on it and yes, even hating on it. Hate has only ever produced record sales, see: EVERY CONTROVERSIAL ACT EVER. If you really disapprove, then ignore.
    People need to stop talking about that attention *****. Seriously, that was the whole point of her ****ing freak show with beetle juice. Don't talk about it and she doesn't get what she wants. People dont seem to realize this tho..
    agreed.. its like they are advertising for these people... without being paid... which is actually worse than selling out itself...
    MTV has sucked since day one. There were a few moments when MTV was OK. Grunge infiltrated the Pop world, so MTV focused on it a lot. Then there was Unplugged. Headbanger's Ball was often OK. They had Friday Night Live Concerts for a little while. Now they are doing what they do best: Broadcasting crap that appeals to 15 year old girls so that they can sell air time for commercials.
    MTV used to actually have music though; that was before I was old enough to watch it, btw. Now, they mostly show shit reality TV or overdramatic shit shows.
    I am aware of that heh heh. You are correct. Actually, I watched the first music video they played when they first started. Trust me, they played music, but it still sucked. There were some exceptions, some that I listed above. They just can't make money airing videos anymore with You Tube and other media. They still show the worst that Pop "culture" has to offer. It was easier to watch way back when, and I don't think it all has to do with me being older. They did have some good music at times, SOME.
    they missed the point. miley was brilliant. she pissed everyone off and it was punk rock as ****.
    "But it's disappointing that, in a YouTube world filled with such amazing diversity, MTV would point us all in one direction." Love it
    Can we stop complaining about Cyrus' sexual expression, that's her right, and focus on how she treats black people like props? . . . ya know, if we're going to complain.
    But that's not nearly as much fun to think about! (I agree with you, there's some awful stuff going on there.)
    Miley sells. Who doesn't like her should just stop buying. That being said, QOTSA are a kickass band but they're gonna have a hard time putting on a twerk free show and keep bears off stage. I'm sure after this announcement there will be 'sabotage'. LOL
    Hmm...honestly, who goes to a QOTSA show to shake their ass in that manner? Not a damn person I believe.
    Black Hazard
    Who are these dudes? Do they think they're relevant to anyone because they're not, they're just old geezers whose time has long long passed.
    If being irrelevant anymore means having a #1 album on Billboard within the past 2 months and selling out almost every show in their last tour in Europe, then yeah...them sum-b*tches have fallen off the face of the Earth.
    They sold out Wembley in minutes so had to add another show there. I'm going!
    qotsa suck anyways at least miley is catchy and she's only 17
    Im gonna tell you kids a story you might find hard to believe, "Once upon a time Mtv used to be cool". Please stop watching it, its bad for your soul.
    If you're basing the relevance of music on whether or not it's on MTV, you're doing it wrong. Who are they pointing in 'one direction'? Adults? Rock fans? If you're looking to MTV or radio for viable music, you're about as relevant as them. 'Music journalism' at its lamest.
    How come every QOTSA live video I see has a huge difference in the guitar volumes? This has Homme too loud, and on SNL Homme was inaudible, even during his solo. And the bass is really trebley. QOTSA deserve better.
    "So after the whole twerking incident" didn't think i would see those words here, smh