QOTSA on Grammys Performance: 'We're Proud We Did It'

Dean Fertita seemingly not as upset as Trent Reznor.

Ultimate Guitar

Queens of the Stone Age keyboardist/guitarist Dean Fertita shared his thoughts on the recent Grammys cut-off performance with Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham, expressing far less frustration than Reznor during his latest online rants.

"[The Grammys] was... different than I thought it was going to be," he told Tone Deaf. "We've kind of run the full circle of emotions over what it was and what it is, and in the end we're all really proud of what we did.

"Getting the chance to play at the Grammys for a band that feels like we're crashing the party a little bit, it was cool. It is what it is. We've come to a place where we can look at it and it was a really good experience, so we're glad we did it," Fertita concluded.

Discussing his musical journey and the state of Detroit scene, the musician noted: "Nobody f--king made it until the White Stripes did, you know. Then people realized, like, 'Oh my god, I guess it's possible here in our town. That can happen, you know?' So that's just been ingrained with me since I was young."

Dean also gave much props to Eminem, adding, "Well yeah, I mean Eminem is incredible and he did phenomenal things coming from Detroit, but you know, in our rock and roll world, nobody got out of the bar scene - ever."

QOTSA frontman Josh Homme addressed the Grammys during a recent stage rant, saying, "F--k the man, f--k Imagine Dragons and f--k the Grammys."

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    I'm sorry but is anyone else here getting bored of this topic? The Grammys were over like 3 weeks ago. We get it, Trent was upset, some people don't care. Now can we put this to rest UG?
    Yeah, just after we stop hearing about every fart the Gallagher brothers make.
    Yeah! What we really want is a Dave Mustaine soundbyte from an interview in 1992 in the news column! Or another update on that upcoming Madonna record!
    At least SOMEONE is proud
    Queens of the Stone Age are from the Palm Desert in CA.. I assume this fella is from Detroit?
    Dean joined in like 2008 or so, and he was in Detroit. I think he moved out to Nashville since he's been working with Jack White on new Dead Weather stuff, though.
    Dude he joined waaaay before '08 if im not mistaken.
    I think he joined in 2007 with Mikey Shoes just after they finished recording Era Vulgaris but just before they recorded The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died, it might be Dean on the organ in the start
    The main thing that annoys me about this (and I feel his complaints are justified) is that it ignores the honor of being played on the broadcast in the first place! So many great musicians aren't ever asked to play or are announced before the cameras turn on. Look at somebody like Pat Metheny. One of the greatest all time guitarists, has a part of 20 Grammys, and doesn't get any airtime. Yes, they didn't show as much respect to all those guys on stage as we'd like, but they at least made the show and got some love. Sorry for that, rant over.