QOTSA Post Second Cryptic Letter

Another hand-drawn letter from the band has been revealed. Can you spot any clues to the album name or release date?

Ultimate Guitar

Queens Of The Stone Age have posted a second cryptic letter to the press.

The first was to Mojo magazine in December, and said their forthcoming album is "like running in a dream inside a codeine cabaret."

The new letter was sent to Uncut magazine, was snapped by Chuck Hipolitho (via Antiquiet) and continues with a clockwork theme.

"If you find a way to embrace the chaos of life, that chaos can become your biggest inspiration," said the hand-drawn letter which echoes sentiments in the Mojo letter.

"The songs [on this album] are very raw and an honest reaction to our last year. We can't seem tow rite about the past or the future 'cause we're so chained to the moment."

Fans have started hunting for clues in the letters, in the hope that it might reveal an album title or release date.

So far, the clock in each letter have been set to 9 o'clock. There has also been a clear heading on each letter which may run into each other. After only two letters, this would read:

"A stitch in time will save you 9, but... if you find... "

...Yep, we're stumped too. Share your theories and excitement for the new record, which features Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Mark Lanegan and others, in the comments.

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    Weird they said almost dialled 999 as they're American and 999 is the emergency services for the UK. 9 certainly has a significance.
    September 9th... at 9am??
    If we still have to wait another 8 months for this.... not cool at all. There is some very non "cryptic" parts of this message that are worth noting though. He says the tracks are raw and written out of chaos in the moment. I have to think that means this was a "band written" record in the studio, so this isn't something that Josh wrote in advance for everyone to record. My theory is that "Ultraviolet Robot", like Era Vulgaris, was another sizeable departure from their core sound, and they tinkered with it for a long time but were never happy with it. Josh later said that touring to promote the self-titled album re-release, which was on a break from the "Ultraviolet" sessions, shaped the sound of this new album. Considering the straight-forward, meat and potatoes nature of the self-titled , that makes me think this could be a back to basic reboot of sorts
    Josh said in an interview that it'll be out before they preform at Download Festival, which is in June. So it shouldn't be much longer.
    That's good. My first son is due in June, and I want him to be able listen to this through headphones on mom's belly. Maybe I can completely warp his mind before he's even born!
    Congratulations on your baby boy!!! I wish you and you're family all the best and that everyone is healthy!
    1st letter: "running like clockwerk" 2nd letter: "runs like clockwork" I am very aroused.
    April? Bunny - Easter, 9 means 9 weeks from now, it's before Download.
    9 weeks could make sense, but it sounds like they're still in the recording stage (mentioning that Lanegan was singing only last week), it means they aren't even onto the final post-production stages which often takes quite a long time. I would say as much as forcing a September release this year. On the other hand, if you look for a sentence structure in the titles: "A stitch in time will save you nine... but if you find... [that something]... [then something] So there are at least two letters to come, and the first letters came about a month and a half apart. We could hope to see a close in the gap, because if they came out one/month for the next two, we would see something before the 9 week mark. But this does mean you would need to find out why 9 was so significant in the first letter. If it were the former (September release), then 9 would be explained, and would be important to every letter they have/will release/d. Let's not forget that Homme is perfectly happy to tour material before releasing it on record, so we could see new songs at the festival shows without a release. I honestly think we'll be waiting until September to see anything on shelves, but we'll be hearing things long beforehand.
    I'm going to call it: This will be the best album of the next 5 years. (Hey, Radiohead fans can do it before hearing the album, why can't we?)
    Just an observation from somebody not huge on QOTSA - surely the letter headers won't make sense until all the 'letters' have been released? I mean, it's obvious there'll be another one to follow the "...if you find..." and if the header is genuinely supposed to mean something, the next letter should finish or partially-complete the sentence.
    So the songs are going to be raw, which makes me think of Era Vulgaris... But it's also going to be like "running in a dream", which reminds me more of Lullabies... I'm so eager to hear how this turns out.
    Maybe the clock is a date, not a time. Like 9(Sep) 12th or 12(Dec) 9th...
    The header in the first letter "A stitch in time will save you 9, but..." so combined, so far it says "A stitch in time will save you 9, but if you find..."
    Righteous itch
    Well 999 is the emergency number for England, and England is 'freezing' at the moment in snow storms. Also the white rabbit for some reason made me think of the Beatles white album, on which is the track Revolution 9. The song itself is pretty chaotic, and Charles Manson talked about this track a lot, comparing it to chapter 9 of the book of revelations. So perhaps it has something to do with a revolution? ...Or perhaps I am grasping at too many straws here, and instead should go have a beer and a sandwich.
    Whether you're grasping at too many straws or not, sandwiches and beer are always good
    I X
    Did anyone notice the 9 9 9 above the upper eyelash in the first one? Maybe the title will be 999, like an upside down 666? But the journey up the river (like Lewis Carroll's inspiration for Alice in Wonderland), the White Rabbit with a clock, references to dreams and clockwerk make an Alice in Wonderland link likely. Lewis Carroll started as a mathematician and demonstrated a math "trick" with the number nine. Also, on their mockumentary post, they stated "Does anyone have the time? We need to be somewhere at 9." IDK but I am excited as nine is my favorite number and have an IX tattoo.
    We've all been waiting so long for this. I really hope it lives up to itself! I want to say it's going to be album of the decade but I guess I should wait until we hear something... lol
    Am I the only one thinking : 'Stop pissing around with these shitty messages and concentrate your efforts in getting the album out and making sure its as good as can be!?' You're the Queens Of The Stone Age, not the Goddamn Riddler! #Rant over, cue dislikes...
    I get your anticipation, but I doubt the time they're spending on these messages is delaying the album release in any way. In the meantime, just relax, and try to enjoy them dangling carrots in front of our faces like we're donkeys.
    I want the carrot!! Haha!
    i can say as a musician who has recorded albums that its not hard to find a little time to write something like that and then hand off to the publicist to ship
    they're just building hype around the album. relax man. just because you're stoked doesn't mean everyone in the world is. marketing is just as important as the actual album. I'm enjoying this form of marketing much more than them just posting about it absolutely everywhere.
    I hadn't read that Mark Lanegan was going to definitely be taking part in the new album. That's awesome. If it's on UG it must be the truth.
    He said that they were going back to their electronic routes- this is great for me, my favorite songs are spiders and vinegaroons and infinity. I always thought that the early B-sides , the bronze, the new born to hula, spiders, infinity, etc. always sounded like they fitted somewhere between the debut and R. Very stone agey stuff.
    9+12=21 Maybe second month first day! Can anyone read the word that`s written on the Clock in the first letter? What about the hidden 9`s? 5x9=45 fourth month day 5?
    This is easily the most exciting way to release an album, I am so psyched for this!!
    My only thought right now is: "Boy, if they flunk this one, the shitstorm will probably ingulf all of UG..." But it's QOTSA, so the chances of epic record = 99,9%!
    dialling 999? maybe they have been working with the arctic monkeys again. a stitch in time would indicate that you would be changing time and in this case its 9. so possibly it is 9 weeks away from the first cryptic message, that would make it next week, or it will be 9 weeks from the next cryptic message (because the message is clearly incomplete) which could be at anytime.