QOTSA Post Third Cryptic Letter

artist: Queens of the Stone Age date: 02/12/2013 category: music news
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QOTSA Post Third Cryptic Letter
Queens Of The Stone Age have written a third cryptic teaser letter to promote their long-awaited new album. The first two letters were posted to Mojo and Uncut magazines, and hints at how personal struggles over the past year have become songs on the album. The new letter was posted to Kerrang magazine and continues the clock theme, where each clock face appears to be set to 9 o'clock, and reiterates the sentiment on previous letters: "The songs [on this record] are a real time document of the manic ups and downs of the last year. It can't always run like clockwork. So rather than control the direction of the recordings, we decided to ride shotgun on our emotional bandwagon. "We embraced our evil, held the horrible, licked the lunacy and blew the beautiful. As a result, we're on cloud 9." Eagle-eyed fans who have been following the letters will notice there's a new line to add to the cryptic hidden message which has slowly been unravelled: "A stitch in time will save you 9, but... if you find... some things you can't fix so..." Any guesses on where this is going, or what the album might be called? Share your theories in the comments.
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