QOTSA Recruit Scissor Sisters Singer

They also deny reports of a March release for the new album, which will infuriate fans who have been waiting since the promise of a release in 2011.

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Queens Of The Stone Age have recruited yet another musician to their ever-growing list of high-calibre collaborators on their new album.

Jake Shears, singer with the Scissor Sisters, has revealed his part in the forthcoming record which remains without a title or release date.

He joins the likes of Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Nick Oliveri who are all contributing to the long-awaited album, which was originally slated for release over a year ago.

Jake Shears + Queens of the Stone Age=satanic cabaret twitter.com/Jakeshears/sta

Jake Shears (@Jakeshears) December 20, 2012

Reports of a March 2013 release were quickly dismissed by the band yesterday (via NME). It seems that Antiquiet released some purported artwork, seen below, with a teaser date of 'March 2013' (via Fact), but any relating post on Antiquiet appears to have been removed.

It's been a long wait, but if the album lives up to expectations, it could be a highlight of 2013 - even if it was supposed to be a highlight of 2011.

Are you excited about the new QOTSA album? Have they taken on too many collaborators? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Still missing Mark Lanegan.
    Especially considering Mark is still fresh from writing Blues Funeral this year...
    Mark is working with Mike McCready on the Re-release of Mad Season Above and adding vocals to several new tracks that supposed to be due out sometime in March. But I really hope Mark is on this album as well. Im sure he will be, his name doesnt get mentioned on a lot of this UG shit.
    Too many collaborators? Ask Converge if there's ever too many collaborators. I still want at least one more. Lanegan! Where are you man?
    Ha, at this rate it'll just turn into a non-actually-recorded-in-the-desert-or-written-in-the-desert version of the Desert Sessions.
    inb4 the AROCKALYPSE (seriously, just release this album) long live QotSA!!
    Check their website.Enter your email.
    hmmm... interesting. They certainly are hyping the living s*** out of this album. After all this, plus the delays, I'll be disapointed with anything that isn't at least on par with Songs for the Deaf or Rated R. Every little stunt they pull is raising the bar
    I really hope Nick Oliveri regains his post as their permanent bassist. He adds a lot of raw energy to their work.
    With a possible 15 year jail sentence and the things he's done, I seriously doubt seeing that ever happening.
    As crazy as it sounds, he got off with probation and community service. He wont be serving any jail time.
    Hey, the more, the merrier. QotSA always seems to do fantastic collaborations with outsiders, so bring 'em on!
    How are you ****ers still advertising on here! Get a room and build you're ****in pyramid on you're own time!!!!!
    They are missiNg one more person to make it feel complete. I say Jack White or Dan Auerbach.
    Loon 2.5
    Shit, you wanna talk about a long wait, Time by Wintersun was a long ****in' wait
    Long Distance
    But at least Brian Wilson and the rest of the Beach Boys released other material during that albums delay so it's not like their fans were waiting for new material from them for 38 years.
    now i may be mixing my dates up, but im pretty sure the other members of GnR were releasing stuff in the mean time to... Velvet Revolver
    Sounds great, also, now they've finally got a real queen to follow suit with the name. About damn time.
    its funny because josh is known for his homophobic statements and machismo lol
    Machismo? He's in a band called Queens of the Stone Age.
    look up vids of him and his band mates in interviews. they are all regular douchebags, im tellin ya
    I hope the next UG article will be about your nonsense comments. So you'd be shown as a fool for saying things with no backing up, and at least it would be 1 less article space for some crappy article about "rumours" that only UG makes up and subjects that have nothing to do with music.
    I think there is no album and the band was really counting on the world ending today
    I like Jake Shears' singing. Hopefully a good combination.
    I do too, and I think Scissor Sisters and QOTSA make natural partners, both being masters of sleazy as hell groove music. Did anyone see Josh Homme's promo for Scissor Sister's most recent album? Hilarious. Also, now that I think of it, "Make it Witchu" sounds like a Scissor Sisters song.