QOTSA Release Spooky Interactive Video for 'The Vampyre of Time and Memory'

The web experience is a first for rock bands trying out immersive online experiences. Is this the future of music videos?

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Queens of the Stone Age have released an interactive video for their new single "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" off their latest record "...Like Clockwork." You can see a video with elements from the online experience below, or try the full interactive version for yourself here. The spooky online experience was designed in conjunction with the Creators Project, an directed by Kii Arens and Jason Trucco. Viewers click their way through a frightening dark house, ending up in a room with the band playing the song. Speaking about the video the directors said it was an excellent opportunity to stretch their creative muscle. "Working on this Queens video was the ultimate artistic joyride," said Trucco. "On the technology side, Darknet was the perfect forward-thinking company to push the boundaries of music video presentation. All art is technology, technology that shares an experience or an idea. Vampyre uses all the tools available to us today to share a meaningful common experience." Meanwhile, the band will release an exclusive EP called "…Like Cologne" on Spotify today. Watch "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" here:

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What do you think of new interactive web experiences like this? We think it's really interesting, and would love to hear your opinion. Let us know if you like it below.

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    I don't know if it was just because I was trying to access it at the same time as everyone else earlier, but were there really only like, the three things you could click through the entire interactive video?
    This was supposed to be up like a month ago. I had even forgotten about it by now
    Anty 7
    I was expecting the interactive thing to be much more interesting... Still, the video is nice and it's a great song from a fantastic album
    It's pretty cool and a lot of fun things to explore although I think they shouldn't have left it to just one song but included more. It would be more interesting then
    New EP? Hell yea!!
    It's a recording of a concert they did in a church. Great show, unfortuantely the EP only has three of the songs. Here's the full show, and it's amazing.
    awesome.. love how they take seriously the acoustic rearrangements, while many out there play the same electric guitar stuff on electric while the drummer is left to die out of boredom with a tambourine
    Lovin' the song but the interactive part wasn't great but I do love the idea....I'd say Tool could make some pretty interesting ones but then again that would delay the whole album process so much more...
    QOTSA are the best and love the album. Great idea but was this made in 1998? Every time I clicked somewhere a video plays it opened a new tab and just seemed very clunky in general. Hoping something like this could be done more successfully and fluidly because tonnes of potential. Gives a great environment to associate with the song