QOTSA Surprised by '...Like Clockwork' Success: 'It's Weird'

The band also reaches the subject of Quentin Tarantino-directed "...Like Clockwork" movie.

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The fact that their latest studio effort "...Like Clockwork" managed to top the Billboard 200 chart caught Queens of the Stone Age by surprise, but it was by all means a good kind of startle.

During a recent MTV interview, the band confessed that such a global success comes as a bit strange.

"It's weird," said guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen prior to hitting the Download Festival Main Stage on Saturday (June 15). "I never thought any record that I ever did would ever be number one on any chart, so really it's a surprise, but it's a welcome surprise and makes you feel good."

Bassist Michael 'Mikey Shoes' Shuman chipped in, saying, "It's my first record with the band so it feels a little unfair that I'm on the No. 1, but being a fan for a long time, coming from that side, it is well deserved. Josh [Homme] has been doing Queens since he was a wee lad and we are the best rock band out there right now."

When it comes to recent rumors saying that legendary Quentin Tarantino might direct a QOTSA animated movie based on a series of "...Like Clockwork" music videos created by graphic designer Boneface, the bassist left plenty of room for more speculations and guessing as he politely refused to give any comment.

"...Like Clockwork" dropped on June 4 via Matador Records as the sixth record in the QOTSA opus. With 91,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    It's because of the awesome style change. Very dark and progressive, lots of tempo changes... Unexpected. Very interesting and the bass rocks! keep the beats crazy guys! I never have QOTSA impressed me much before this album, and this one is amazing. MY GOD IS THE SUN is one of the best songs I've heard in awhile.
    Yes the album impressed me too, as did your profile pic (I was wondering if there were any Dr. Steel fans on here xD).
    man. it feels good to have picked a winner. they should do this in Vegas. picking number 1 hits. this would have paid out really well.
    They probably meant they were surprised considering how most chart-topping material of this era usually "fits the mold", whereas Queens don't. The album is incredible, and it's mighty awesome that they're getting the recognition for it!
    You could say, "of this era vulgaris ".... *high fives self, laughs to self, cries in corner*
    NO>>>>> IT IS BECAUSE OF THE FANS.....A loyal fan base will sell the records for you.....You're Welcome....
    Yep totally agree on that.Six years was long time to wait [personally i didnt like TCV dont hate me for it] but theyve came back really strong with Like Clockwork.Looking forward to what comes next.
    There should be no surprise here - the album is perfect. It should satisfy all but the 'rabble-rabble-Rated R-rabble-rabble!' "fans", and earn them a bunch more....
    the record is simply great, i really don't know why are they so surprised. i listen to the record almost twice a day...
    They're probably surprised because great records often don't get very high in the charts.
    Look at Zeppelin, they broke the top ten once and not even for Zoso
    It took me a while to realize how different this album was from the other albums, but it nonetheless is still 100% Queens of the Stone Age Badassery. A well deserved chart-topper.
    Its a great album and im really happy for them but the self titled first album is still my favourite album from qotsa.
    The album doesn't have a weakness, that's what makes it good. They really nailed the whole album. When I'm ranking the songs, I get 1-3 and then I can't do 4-10. It mixes around by my mood. Such a freaking good album
    I didn't like QOTSA until I heard this album and even now I still don't like their past work. So this album brought in one fan who hated them before. That being said, the album is pretty perfect, however I disagree that they are the best rock band out there right now. After seeing Muse on their most recent tour, they really ruined shows for me because their show was just so damn good.
    I put this right up there with The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon. It's nothing short of a masterpiece.
    That's what I tell people is that it's like "The Wall" or "The Downward Spiral" in that you really can't just listen to one song and judge but rather listen to the whole album and really get the feel for it.
    I've been listening to this album NON STOP. It's all smoooooth sailin' from here on out.
    When I initially heard the title "Like Clockwork", my immediate thought of it as a cocky Josh Homme statement.. Just Gonna shit out another epic album.. Like clockwork. lol. I am a long time die hard, so the emotional content of the album caught me off guard at first, but I fell in love with it after the second listen.
    It is amazing to see how many people comment on QOTSA news lately, saying the album is flawless, perfect, [insert synonym]. This album isn't flawless, as is any other album. It might be flawless for your personal taste, as could any other album. UG might want to broaden their news a bit instead of reporting on every sigh let out by any member of QOTSA. A few months a go this was Dave Grohl-tube (and no, I don't hate Dave Grohl) and now it is QOTSA-tube (no, I don't hate them either). But guys, please, bands like Kylesa put out a new album and Conan are recording (even streaming new tracks). Give those bands some attention, they're awesome. That said, I didn't like the new QOTSA, but that's just like, uhm, my opinion man. Yeah.
    I appreciate where you are coming from with constant reporting of the same bands on a regular basis [Megadeth/Dave Mustaine im looking at you] but if the website started replacing those bands with nobodies like you have mentioned viewing figures on the site would drop.Its just the way it is dont read the articles if they bother you that much.