QOTSA's Homme: 'F--k Imagine Dragons, F--k Grammys!'

Frontman not too fond of the band that beat QOTSA at this year's Grammys.

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Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme bashed this year's Grammy winners Imagine Dragons during the latest QOTSA's show in Houston.

"This next song is by Imagine Dragons," Homme said as the crowd began booing. According to Alternative Nation, Josh then added he was joking, also saying, "F--k the man, f--k Imagine Dragons and f--k the Grammys!"

Imagine Dragons beat QOTSA in Best Rock Performance category, as the band's "Radioactive" hit track triumphed over "My God Is the Sun," as well as the live rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," Jack White's "I'm Shakin'" and more.

Homme seems to be quite prone to stage outbursts these days. As reported, the frontman threw an invading fan off stage during a February 4 Florida gig. "Don't do that... I don't know what you're trying to do. You're lucky I didn't f--k you up, bro. I'm here to play for you, not jerk you off, you f--king douchebag!" Josh said.

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    Josh has been pissed off lately a lot.
    When he was younger he was always seemed kind of the alpha male and a bit of a dick; not that he wasn't still funny and intelligent. The media stuff he did promoting Like Clockwork he was a little more laid back and just way happier looking than I'd ever seen him. Sucks for him that didn't last.
    I'm pretty sure ...Like Clockwork is not really what he wanted for their new album. He even said I he wanted to go back to the style of their debut. Maybe he's not satisfied with the album and that is what is angering him. MAYBE, with all this anger, he'll put out a heavy album like previous Queens.
    While i dont like imagine dragons at all, i think acting like that is childish and unprofessional. Yea im sorry, let the down votes flow.
    well, they did win "best rock performance" with radioactive. the least "rock" song of all time.
    Coldplay's Viva la Vida won Best Rock Song one year and that one is probably even less "rock" than Radioactive, which is so sad. The definition people have for rock music these days is atrocious.
    It is sad how they lump so much music into "Rock" that has no business being there
    And then there's some people who need to look up the definition of rock. Either the definition has changed, or people just never actually looked up what it means, and just assumes, that hard rock is the only type of rock that exists.
    I never said that hard rock is the only kind of rock. Viva la Vida doesn't have a single "rock" instrument in it besides a sporadic bass note. And that is my point.
    Atually Viva la vida is a plagium from a rock song from Joe... They have that in their favor haha
    the grammies are like of branch off the labels. it does not matter if who wins is a valid choice. It is about which garbage is to be crammed down our throat like a herpes infested cock.
    Imagine Dragons are about as rock as Miley Cyrus.....there is very little Rock being produced anymore....just some peoples warped idea of what Rock has become....its called POP.....I don't blame Homme...he's right
    Are you talking about mainstream or in general when it comes to this "there is very little Rock being produced anymore....just some peoples warped idea of what Rock has become....its called POP"? Because if you're talking in general then you sir are ignorant.
    There's tons of great, real rock music being made these days. It is rarely accepted by the mainstream though.
    I'm cool with him saying **** the Grammys, he has every right to do that and he has every right to be upset with how they went, considering he lost to a song that wasn't even rock and got cut off during his set. But blaming Imagine Dragons, regardless of how much ass I think they suck, is immature. It's not their fault if people don't understand what rock is.
    The theme of the whole night was "we can do whatever the **** we want." He does whatever he wants, says whatever he wants. And that's what makes him Josh Homme. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. For all we know Imagine Dragons could be saying the same thing about QOTSA.
    While I don't like imagine dragons at all, I say **** 'em. And **** the grammy's too. Homme is 100% on this one.
    Jesus everything today is a news story that spools up controversy. Bunch of drama queens with nothing better to do with their life.
    Only some people around here are "cool" enough to say things like that. Im def not one of them.
    Well it started out as a joke, like "This song is by Imagine Dragons. Just kidding." but then he got kinda homophobic and over the top about it. It is his persona, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have any boundaries on what to say.
    Homophobic? Seriously? Enough with the PC police.
    Ahh man this made me laugh…. But in all serious how can he be homophobic? I mean, the name is QUEENS of the stone age…supposedly because KINGS would sound too manly or something like that.
    What? Okay, maybe not homophobic, but he was saying some stuff about ID that was a bit unnecessary. I mean they are still musicians.
    How was it at all homophobic?
    If you were at the concert, he began to make jokes along the lines of, "We're not play Imagine Dragons, we don't have a dick in our mouths. Not that there's anything wrong with that." I wasn't offended, but I can see why some people would be.
    In this context having a dick in your mouth has nothing to do with sexuality
    "A great man once said, 'Everything in the world is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power.'" - Francis Underwood
    The only time Josh Homme was homophobic was at that Norwegian festival, I've not recalled him saying anything homophobic since then.
    ****ing libtard
    "Look, a liberal made a mistake! Therefore, all liberals are wrong!" #conservaparty #iamclueless #comeonyouconservatives
    "I ****ing hate conservatives, but I hate liberals a lot more." - any reasonable person So anyone that hates liberals is a conservative, lol, funniest thing I've heard all day.
    I'm using these conservative/liberal stereotypes exactly to demonstrate how ridiculous this kind of binary mentality is. Oh well, I guess it's hard to be sarcastic on the internet.
    And you can be a conservative or a liberal and be reasonable at the same time. Picking a side isn't bad, acting as if having a political opinion is like supporting a football team is. Anyway, where's the good old edit button? I didn't mean to flood this thread.
    Wow, 11 downvotes. Okay I guess it's time to reconsider my opinion.
    Really it doesn't matter who gets all the trophies. Just wait a few years and see who goes double platinum first. I'm not a fan of QOTSA, but I doubt Imagine Dragons will even be relevant for anything besides Radioactive and then will be forgotten just like all of the pop stars.
    Honestly anybody thats being nominated for a grammy has probably got to understand that that shit is all rigged and caters too where the money is, you never hear slayer bitching about not getting a grammy, imagine dragons do suck, but for qotsa to even care is kinda funny to me, I'm sure homme was just joking anyways, he's a satanist like me