QOTSA's Homme: 'I'm Not Scared to Make a New Record, I Feel More Empowered'

"I want to get my hands dirty and that'll make me happy," the frontman adds, new album soon to come.

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Discussing the emotional difficulties he'd gone through during "...Like Clockwork" recording sessions, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme confirmed having all the confidence he needs to already commence work on a follow-up.

Chatting with Faster Louder, Josh explained how the recording process was still a good time for everyone. "The fact that it was hard and challenging doesn't mean I didn't like it," he said. "It doesn't mean that I want to torture myself either.

"The truth is that [there were so many] peaks and valleys and [it was] so drastic from day to day - but we still had fun together, we got along the whole time," the frontman added, along with an interesting comparison. "It's like laughing in the row boat to hell - you're going to hell but you're having fun on the way.

"I'm not scared now to make a record, I feel more empowered because it's like 'I made it through that which was difficult,' you know?" Homme concluded, further adding: "I get to [make records] for a living! Like, are you f--king kidding me? That's kind of crazy. So I want to get my hands dirty and that'll make me happy."

Asked about the musical direction of the fresh material, the frontman commented: "Well we certainly have a large starting point. We have songs to try and beat basically. I think we're going to chase down wherever we are at. And I don't mean to be evasive; I'm just saying I don't think we've ever copied ourselves. I would love to say 'What are your favorite parts about this record' and tell you that we'll do that again. But I know that I'd be lying. But at the same token, everything will go into that album too."

As reported, QOTSA have announced fall studio entrance, confirming "more than enough songs" ready for the new record.

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    I would like them to try psychedelic rock or something that they've never done before. I love like clockwork but i hope they're not making a 2.0
    Get Dave Grohl to record the drums again please.
    I want to see what else Jon Theodore is capable of doing. He's their drummer, not Grohl, and I think it's only right that he should be doing all further tracks. I felt that Joey Castillo fit more as a QOTSA drummer than Grohl, and I think Theodore can do the same.
    The Foo Fighters are working on a record of their own, I doubt he'll be able to.
    Have you not seen how many projects Dave is capable of working on simultaneously without sacrificing any of the quality of his work?
    Well thats good. If I were in his position I'd be kinda scared about that stuff. ...Like Clockwork was (and still is) a pretty big album. I'd be fearing that I wouldn't be able to follow up with it on the next album and make something as good if not better. Yeah Josh has been able to do this time and time again with every QOTSA album thats come out. But you get what I'm saying.
    I have faith in him, I just hope people aren't expecting another '...Like Clockwork'. One thing you should know about qotsa by listening to all their albums is that NONE of them sound the same, each album has its particular style and feel to it so whatever Josh and the rest throw our way I'm ready.
    waiting for the 'bellend guy' to comment. But in all seriousness, ...like clockwork grew on me within a few plays and i'm quite excited for their new stuff.
    I mean, they do have good songs on some albums. The rest of the songs sound like fillers to me. What do you guys think?
    Pick any track off of Like Clockwork or Songs for the Deaf. Any track. Of course not every song on every album will be a masterpiece, every band has some songs that are better than others, but QotSA have some pretty solid albums start to finish. Start at track one and listen to the end. They don`t write hits and filler. They write albums.
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    Joey in my opinion, was the best fit for Queens, but I'm interested to see where Theodore will take it. Joey provided a lot of energy, but have you heard Theodore's drumming in The Mars Volta? It's pretty intense, so I'm pretty excited to hear this.
    Jon will be a good fit for the band. He's proven himself live and QotSA has always been an evolving band, based on the changing personnel. I was at Big Day Out in Melbourne in 2003 - Foos and Queens were on the bill and people were disappointed that Grohl didn't join Queens for their set... Really"? Is that not insulting to the new (then... being Joey) fella? Give Jon a chance, he struck gold in Mars Volta and is more than capable.