QOTSA's Homme Throws Fan Off Stage: 'I'm Here to Play, Not Jerk You Off, F--king Douchebag!'

Josh Homme takes no sh-t from stage invaders.

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Video has appeared online of Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme dealing with a stage invader in typically take no sh-t fashion.

The incident occurred at a gig in Florida on February 4th during a rendition of "The Vampyre of Time and Memory." As NME reports, Homme pushed the invader back into the crowd before telling the audience:

"Don't do that... I don't know what you're trying to do. You're lucky I didn't f--k you up, bro. I'm here to play for you, not jerk you off, you f--king douchebag."

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This isn't the first time that Homme has dealt with hecklers at Queens of the Stone Age shows. Check out this footage from Norwegian Wood festival back in 2008:

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    Did nobody learn anything from the Randy Blythe fiasco?
    Not sure if you mean that towards Josh, the fan or both, but it definitely applies to fans more than performers. No one bought a ticket to see your idiot self get up on the stage, and your $50 ticket fee does not give you the right to go up there in the first place. Let the performers perform and save your stupidity for the pit. I may now officially be the getting-too-old-for-this-sh#t guy you'll meet at a metal concert, but I just don't get this nonsense....
    I agree. a band like QOTSA has enough money to hire some security people to handle that kind of shit. Josh was out of line. I've been to concerts from Steel Panther, Electric Six, Green Day and Zebrahead, at each of these there were people climbin on stage and going for a stagedive. The bands thought that was awesome, so they laughed at it. rather than acting the way Josh did. I know it's dumb to climb on stage, but as a singer you have a reputation to hold high.
    Funny how you name bands where you would expect dumbass behaviour during their live shows. But this is QOTSA, not Steel Panther.
    If Mustaine did this everyone would have a shit fit.
    No, and he'd be more entitled to do it than Homme considering that the two recent major invader/fan at gig incidents happened in the metal scene.
    Aww, I wish Josh Homme would jerk me off In all seriousness though, it was probably deserved. Let the band play their glorious music.
    yeah, checkout some old soundgarden live performances on youtube, people from the crowd getting up on stage and doing 360s and flailing arms....show just keeps going.
    Wish it was still like this, now people try to grab onto the singer or whatever so they don't really have a choice but to be defensive. After what happened to Dime it's hard to trust people, you never know who it is that's getting up on that stage. On a more positive note, Bruce getting mugged by women
    Mr. Baloonhands
    for someone to jump onstage during vampyre of time and memory doesn't really make much sense, any other song like Millionaire or Song For The Dead would've made sense, at least if Josh was the type of person that didn't care if someone jumped onstage and rocked out for a little
    He wasn't a heckler, though. He was just a fan who was stupid enough to jump on stage. And yeah, especially during a song like Vampyre... It's not like it's Go With the Flow and everyone's losing their shit. It's just kind of tasteless.
    Fair enough, no one wants attention seeking stage invaders/people throwing stuff at them... but just to put a downer on the whole thing I cant help but think that after the whole Randy Blythe incident you'd think he might not have launched that guy off stage the way he did. Gotta be honest though I found it highly amusing.
    After the whole Dimebag thing, think anyone dumb enough to get up on stage deserves to get their ass beat. Josh is a big dude, guy is lucky he took it easy on him....
    Not really, that's not a way to treat a fan. If you play music for people to go loco, you have to expect some will do this, so just be a gentleman and have some fun with the person, unless he hurts you or something, THEN you throw him off or stop the show and call security.
    He really is very lucky that he didn't get the snot kicked out of him by Josh, security, or anyone for that matter. Did Josh need to go on a several minute rant humiliating the guy and holding up the show? No, but that kind of idiotic behavior has to be discouraged somehow, and again, he is very lucky he didn't get the snot kicked out of him.
    You two are idiots. Like he would drop his guitar and physically fight??? That's what security is for. He would get sued in a heartbeat and lose if he even tried.
    Well first of all, I SAID he's lucky security didn't give him a thumping. Secondly, you're saying that its beyond the possibility of Josh throwing a punch, when he was already obviously willing to throw the guy off a 5-foot stage? Check your logic.
    No what you said is clearly posted above.. "He really is lucky he didn't get the snot kicked out of him by Josh"
    ".....by Josh, security, or anyone else for that matter". Do you get what I said now? Or do we need to go through this again a third time?
    He could be willing, still would be prick and might get sued for agression.
    Josh Homme seems like such a prick.
    I respect Homme. He doesn't take any BS and he doesn't tolerate his guests (people attending his concerts) acting like idiots. Everyone is there to have a good time and it shouldn't involve dealing with jerks. When I saw them in Pittsburgh last summer he had some jerks thrown out for fighting in the pit. He said... and I quote "if you wanna fight... shove your head up your @$$ and fight for air. I don't want people like you at my shows". And the crowd went nuts. Everyone agreed!!
    I have to agree here, he seems like a bit of a dick. Soon he'll be stopping the show for every little thing, and we all know who pulls that shit...
    The guy jumped up on stage during a slow piano song that is really close to Josh, shouting and shit, i'd be pissed if someone came up during the song that pulled me out of depression just to look like a twat.
    matteo cubano
    i think more people should do this. i always get pissed when im at a show and people just get hammered and **** with artists performing their work. its also not safe, remember dime?
    He doesn't in the first video, that seems totally justified, I'd be pisse das well. But in the second video, the one at Norwegian Wood, I can't help but feel he crossed the line a bit. Sure, aybe he flipped 'cause he was sick and all, and getting angry is fine, but practically bullying someone half your age in front of an audience, his friends, and surrounded b security seems a bit much. I love him as a musician, but that was a bit exaggerated.
    Josh Homme is the man, such a cool dude, and a damn good musician. He is also 6"5 so don't mess with him.
    Yeah Josh, you handled that chicken shit ****ing faggot....
    god damn guy, it was a reference to his....oh nevermind.
    What were you referring to ??
    The time when some kid in Norway threw a bottle at Josh and in return, Josh totally went off on the kid. He called him a chicken shit ****ing faggot. Yeah, its recorded I think. .....aw shit, im blind. the video's above
    Really got surprised by Homme's reaction on the second video!!!!!
    Posting clips from 20 or more years ago isn't exactly relevant. Things have changed. Randy Blythe, Dimebag... there's a reason there is a line of separation between the band and the audience. It ensures everyone's safety. How would you like it if some fool came running, jumping and leering at you as you went about your job? Especially when that means interfering with the enjoyment of others (who've paid) and detriment of the actual experience you attended for?
    I now have Iron Maiden's "Invaders" running through my head. I'm just picturing every band/venue stopping the show and starting to play that whenever a fan gets on stage. And it's making me laugh.
    Bottom line, there is absolutely no reason for someone to jump on stage like that. Its not safe for the performer or the fan.
    what a dick face this Homme guy is. Guy tries to rock a show, and then can't handle it when the party gets going. Pfft... go the **** home buddy and play on the stage in your backyard for all your stuffed animals.
    Does anyone remember the time Kurt Cobain beat a guy in the head with his guitar? Dave pounces from behind the drum kit, and Krist comes barreling across the stage like a big ogre! Great stuff!
    As someone who's had some ******* come up on stage during a song (not because our band is hot shit, but because he was trying to look cool for all his friends), I don't disagree with Josh throwing him off the stage. Don't ****ing use the word bro, though.