QOTSA's '...Like Clockwork' Debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard Chart

Rockers score their first chart-topping US debut ever with 91,000 new album units shipped within the first week.

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US rockers Queens of the Stone Age have officially scored their first chart-topping US debut, as the group's latest effort "...Like Clockwork" climbed the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, the sixth QOTSA release shipped 91,000 units within the first week, knocking Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" off the throne after its two-week reign. As Billboard reports, "...Like Clockwork" managed to score highly impressive vinyl edition sales, selling 12,000 units in the first week.

This is a big leap for Josh Homme and co. compared to the previous record "Era Vulgaris." The 2007 effort managed to peak only at No. 14 with 52,000 copies shipped in the US during the first week.

Another newcomer to the list is the post-hardcore US group Sleeping with Sirens, who earned their highest charting debut ever with the latest record "Feel" which managed to sell 59,000 units.

Thrash titans Megadeth round up the solid week for rockers on the Billboard chart, as their latest studio effort "Super Collider" landed at No. 6 with 29,000 copies shipped. Although the sales figure is lower than the 42,000 "Th1rt3en" managed to sell, the record still landed at the higher position than its predecessor, earning Megadeth their highest-charting album since 1994's "Youthanasia."

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath are charging to their first No. 1 Billboard 200 debut since 1970's "Paranoid." According to Billboard, the group's latest release "13" is projected to sell well over 120,000 copies and possibly earn the metal pioneers their first chart-topper in 43 years.

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    Didn't get this album at first and then I listened to it in it's entirety whilst very hungover on a train and it was perfect. Have loved it ever since. "I Appear Missing" takes me right back to that train trip every time.....
    Absolutely right on. There's something about listening to good music while travelling that kind of entwines to the 2 memories into one. I could tell you what specific albums I was listening to on every big trip i've taken since i was a little kid.
    If there is a tune that can help you feel better when you're deathly hungover, especially on a train trip.... That's definitely a keeper! This is a pretty solid album. Me likes
    Good to hear, they definitely deserved it. Who says good music goes unappreciated?
    It should stay that way for many weeks or months.
    as much as i like seeing QOTSA's new album at the top, it bugs me to see super collider at #6 spot. That shit makes this whole list look like a joke. And no one even seemed bother by it, except me? WTF UG?!
    i dont understand why this got downvoted, super collider was absolutely attrocious, by far megadeth's least impressive effort
    QOTSA hit number 1, and Black sabbath is very likely to follow up on it... Today was a good day...
    This album deserves to be at #1. ...Like Clockwork is quite possibly one of the if not THE best album I have heard in a long time.
    Good, more of this and less of the dance/pop/r'n'b crap that tops the charts otherwise.
    Gives new meaning to the lyrics "I blow my load over the status quo" from Smooth Sailing doesn't it lol?
    Every song on this record is perfect
    That really is the truth. When i first saw that this album was only gonna have 10 tracks of mostly standard length, I'll admit I was disapointed. As it turns out though, all 10 songs literally ARE perfect, unique, and sequence flawlessly. This is the most musically rich and rewarding QOTSA yet= even better than Songs for the Deaf and Rated R.
    I don't know about it being better than SFTD, but definitely better than R in my book.
    W1LL P1L50N
    I hope all the retards who listen to shit like Rihanna on the charts stop and listen to this!! We need a new rock scene so badly!
    The best things in life are an acquired taste, knowing that hundreds of thousands of people love QotSA/Actual Music and not just any kid buying a new single because they listen to anything shoved down their throat each day makes your music taste that extra special :p
    There's nothing like listening to main stream rock to make your music taste 'extra special.'
    It's good to finally see QOTSA hit #1 on the Billboard 200. Still, 91,000 copies seems very small for a number-one record, even these days.
    Thats the nature of that particular beast, rather than that particular record. Most bands would be dancing when they break the 25,000 mark!
    And yet Pinkpop didn't even schedule 'em as headliners. They're not even on the main stage (that honor goes to Paramore and The Script, whoever the f*ck that may be). So apparently we're all stupid :p Naw but srsly tho, this used to be THE summer festival in the Netherlands (oldest annual popfestival in the world if I'm not mistaken). I grew up watching Eddie Vedder jump from a crane and RATM tearing the place apart, all the while thinking "damn, I can't wait to be old enough and join the fun". Now it's just a sad-ass lemonparty (hell, even my dad doesn't want to be seen there). Good thing they scheduled a sh*tload of dates, now I have until november to catch 'em somewhere near me
    That's great news. They made a fantstic album and promoted it well so they simply deserved it but it's still nice to hear that a rock band can still pull it of in this day and age.
    Everyone has their own music tastes but this is definately the best album I've ever bought, on par or better than Songs for the Deaf album. Smooth Sailing has some amazing guitar effects and note progressions, great work, well deserved.
    Pity it couldnt get to number 1 in britain.Our charts are ****ing diabolical.Some bullshit called disclosure beat it.Boils the blood.Alice in chains wasnt even top forty.
    I thought Britain was supposed to have all the best music, though. :/
    Nah ive never believed that for a minute.Over 80% of the stuff i listen to is american.
    Zepplin, Floyd, Stones, Sabbath, Queen, Beatles, Smiths, Radiohead, Iron Maiden, The Who, Judas Priest etc etc etc. America can't compete with that. Although in recent days British music has gone to shit.
    Most of those bands you mentioned i wasnt even born when they were in their prime.Freddie died when i was about 10.But like you said its most recent british music thats total balls.
    By logic, America can compete...considering a good chunk of those bands ripped off American rock and blues in the first place.
    If the original creator was the greatest/best within his creation, then your argument would eventually boil down to that the work songs of the people of westafrica is the best damn music ever.
    Ikr! I was looking at the charts all this week thinkin c'mon c'mon it's gonna get hire than 11th on iTunes. And alas, some pop sh*t beat it. At least Sabbath was N0.1 over here!
    I still have to buy this, as well as the Sabbath and Alice albums... I hope these kind of figures are enough to make some money for the band.
    The fact that it follows another great album Random Access Memories is so amazing. Two brilliant albums by two brilliant bands in top the chart consecutively. That's ****ing awesome!
    every week I look to see what album is at the #1 posistion and most of the time I'm disapointed to see some shitty pop album,but now there is some true music.
    The Blue Saber
    The entire album was awesome. There's just something great about going down a back road with If I Had A Tail blasting in the stereo.
    The album is not bad at all... But, if I had to say anything about it, I'd say that it has more "slow" songs than I actually expected it to. I mean "Vampyre", "Like Clockwork", "Peeled", and "Kalopsia". I'd rather have more songs like Ocean, Friends, Sun, Tail, etc...
    I don't know why you're complaining. Kalopsia and Eyes are two of the best songs on that album.
    Nah, smooth sailing!
    It's very vultures, which is why I like it so much. Talking of TCV, isn't it time they did another album? I've been dying for a new one, however much I like the idea of a new queens album.
    It's not everyone's taste, I personally loved the lyrics on Like Clockwork and Vampyre because we're all lonely or had a relationship at some point but it's not your typical Chart crap styled lyrics and song structure : ) Kalopsia had a distortion chorus, every album has a chilled song in between others, an over abundance of the same songs makes them worthless. Sat by the Ocean is great for walking and listening to or tidying up like a badass. Fairweather friends, again great lyrics, makes you feel good. Smooth sailing was my absolute favourite, someone posted a sample of the solo on this site a few months back on that he described "Sounds like a chicken looking for a spot to shit on" fantastic solo and Wah or other guitar effects. You're not wrong again it's just opinion, I wouldn't take any of these songs out though : )
    I love the slower ones; they're what sets this album apart from their others. Actually my favorite songs on the album are the last 5.
    It's a bit of a downer album, it's still good but maybe now Josh has got that out of his system the next one will be more upbeat.
    Damn, this album sucks. I Sat By The Ocean is my favorite song off of it.
    Sell it then,get your money back.Sorted. If Homme is true to his word we will have a new album sooner rather than later. Loved the album.Keep your eyes peeled was my favourite.
    I was really hoping they could recover from the train wreck that Era Vulgaris was with this album. Sadly I'm wrong...
    I'm curious, do you not like these albums because they dont sound like Songs for the Deaf? Or are you just not a QOTSA fan in general?
    I don't like these albums because they have atrocities like Make it With Chu and Kalopsia, that's why.
    I didn't imagine QOTSA would pull Make it With Chu off so well, what the hell are you talking about? And Kalopsia? It's slow to get into but that's kind of the point, you aren't expecting to get into every song ready to head bang.
    Just wrote a review of Like Clockwork on my blog =] Love this record! Please check it out at www.rockatlantic.wordpress.com =]