Queen: 'Adam Lambert Is a True Diva, Freddie Would Love Him'

Roger Taylor explains he was hired because he was not Freddy Mercury impersonator.

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Queen drummer Roger Taylor has been speaking with Classic Rock about the band's upcoming American tour, and the difficulties of replacing Freddie Mercury.

As Taylor notes, new frontman Adam Lambert was hired, precisely because he wasn't a Freddie Mercury impersonator:

"When Brian and I give concerts as Queen, we don't want anyone to imitate Freddie - because no one can replace him for us. That would be the wrong message. Adam Lambert is an independent artist. It fits us perfectly, because he is so theatrical, a true diva. Freddie would love him."

Taylor also noted that the spirit of Freddie Mercury, who passed way in 1991, still looms over him and guitarist Brian May. As the drummer notes, both band members think about Mercury "every day, at least once. It is, for Brian and me, part of our lives and our infrastructure. We stood together so closely for so many years."

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    I know most people aren't crazy about Adam and all that, but if freaking QUEEN ever came near where I live playing a concert with him, I'd go to that show so hard I'd be there twice.
    I saw Queen + Adam Lambert in London. He honors Queen with his massive voice and range. Take Brian May and Rogers word for this. Do not miss this show. However, most venues are SOLD OUT!
    Honey Badger
    I don't know. Queen's coming to my city in several months, but I could care less. Tickets were like $100-$250 for decent seats if I remember correctly. That's far too much for a performance with a cover singer.
    If it was a bit cheaper than that I would go. I really don't like Lambert at all but it would still be nice to see Brian & Roger play all the classic shit.
    its definitely too much for a concert with an american idol reject performing in place of a legend they need someone with credibility singing for them like steve perry.
    I wonder what John Deacon thinks about this? Anyways, Lambert is not that bad, could be much worse, he's far from a "true diva" though.
    My thoughts exactly! you never hear anything about the genius that brought us classics like "Another one bites the dust" and "Under pressure" Sad...
    If anyone would be able to cover Freddie Mercury live with Queen, it wouldn't be Adam Lambert, it would be Mika. Massive missed opportunity
    I remember that, when 'Grace Kelly' was released, Brian May reached out to Mika in congratulation. I don't know if they discussed 'Queen + Mika' plans, but it could've been a great success, as well as a lot less wasted potential.
    So what you are saying is Queen = Freddie. Brian and Roger are nothing. Only Freddie created these great songs, only Freddie can sing these songs! You are not a Queen Fan, just a Freddie Fan. Songs were collaborations, and each band member authored some great songs. Freddie was one of a kind and Adam Lambert is one of a kind. Each Great Vocalists, performers and showman! Adam was phenomenal doing concerts in Eastern Europe and London. Got great reviews in London. He breathes new life intoto these great songs with his on style and owns any stage he is on! He is Charismatic! You don't like this, stay home and listen to CDs. A new generation of fans are loving the music and and believe me you won't be missed at the concerts this summer. Can't wait for MSG! Queen + Adam is music history in the making and I am going to be there to rock the night away!
    I would have no problems with the current incarnation of the band if it wasn't for how they play classic songs. If they played brand-new music and stopped completely-riding on the memory of Freddie Mercury, I'd respect them as a band. I can't respect what they are doing now.
    Floyd Phoenix
    If anyone would actually get over this misplaced opinion for two seconds and go and see them live they would see how much of the show is dedicated to honouring Freddie and how good it actually is. It's a real shame people keep accusing Brian of just riding off Queen's fame for the money, when really all he wants to do is spread the amazing legacy they have even further.