Queen: 'Adam Lambert Is a True Diva, Freddie Would Love Him'

artist: Queen date: 05/21/2014 category: music news
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Queen: 'Adam Lambert Is a True Diva, Freddie Would Love Him'
Queen drummer Roger Taylor has been speaking with Classic Rock about the band's upcoming American tour, and the difficulties of replacing Freddie Mercury.

As Taylor notes, new frontman Adam Lambert was hired, precisely because he wasn't a Freddie Mercury impersonator:

"When Brian and I give concerts as Queen, we don't want anyone to imitate Freddie - because no one can replace him for us. That would be the wrong message. Adam Lambert is an independent artist. It fits us perfectly, because he is so theatrical, a true diva. Freddie would love him."

Taylor also noted that the spirit of Freddie Mercury, who passed way in 1991, still looms over him and guitarist Brian May. As the drummer notes, both band members think about Mercury "every day, at least once. It is, for Brian and me, part of our lives and our infrastructure. We stood together so closely for so many years."
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