Queen: 'Adam Lambert is More Suited to Band's Music Than Paul Rogers'

Brian May and Roger Taylor admitted the supremacy of Lambert-era Queen.

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In a new interview with Toronto Sun (via Blabbermouth), Brian May and Roger Taylor have stated that they feel Adam Lambert is a better fit for Queen than Free and Bad Company frontman Paul Rogers, who toured with the band between 2004-2009:

"Paul has one of the greatest rock voices but it's more blues- and soul-orientated I would have thought. I would say, with all due respect to Paul, that Adam is more suited to a lot of our material and whereas we had great tours with Paul, I think Adam is more naturally at home with us."

May concurred: "Yeah, I think the styles match more closely in a sense. But we had a great time with Paul, no doubt about it, and it kind of stretched it to a new place and, I think, a thoroughly good experience. But Adam is really ... Like us, he has many, many colors, so we can explore some of those strange excursions that Queen likes to."

Queen's 24-date North American tour with Lambert kicks off on June 19 at Chicago's United Center and winds down on July 28 at Toronto, Ontario's Air Canada Centre.

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    People can bash Lambert for his singing in "Queen", but Brian's words are very true indeed.
    Did anyone think otherwise? Adam does a great job.
    "Did anyone think otherwise?" Well... yeah. A lot of people did.
    I don't think many people thought Paul Rogers was better than Adam in Queen. People are just continually upset that the band is moving forward with anyone in general.
    If you want my two-cents, I personally wish that Brian May would hang it up and give Queen a rest. I get that he wants Freddie's legacy to live on, but May's such a good guitarist that it just seems like a waste when all he wants to do is keep touring Queen's hits.
    I respect May but I still feel as if Adam isn't the best fit they could've got. Like I respect him for who he is, even though I don't like his style, but I still reckon MIKA would've been the best choice possible for the role. His vocals, stage presence, attitude and piano playing would fit Queen perfectly
    now that you mention it MIKA could have worked wonders
    let me guess, MIKA is a Mercury clone and that's why you think he would fit with Queen?
    Mercury clone? They are in two completely different genres. Yes Mika is heavily inspired by him, even he states that (but seriously what vocalist, or even performer, isn't inspired by Mercury), but if you're going to tell me that Queen's music has any similarities to MIKA-Lollipop, I'm just going to tell you to rethink what music is
    Matt Bellamy would've been a solid replacement too, since he's been ripping off Mercury for the last several albums...
    Sure, Paul is a bit older, so his range is a bit lower, and Adam is a natural tenor, like Freddy. I thought the stuff Queen did with Paul on Cosmos Rocks was just fine, but I didn't like his rendition of ANY of the Queen songs. Bad Company FTW!