Queen and Adam Lambert Likely Touring US This Summer

Meanwhile, band's "Greatest Hits" becomes highest-selling album in UK history, Top 5 available inside.

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Rock legends Queen are reportedly aiming to hit the road with singer Adam Lambert this year for a set of summer dates in the US.

As Classic Rock reports, guitarist Brian May explained to Radio 2, "We've been talking to Adam Lambert. You know, we've already done some gigs with Adam, who is amazing. We are ongoing, we can't help it. I think we all protested too much in the sense when Freddie [Mercury] went and we didn't want to talk about it and didn't want to be Queen for a while.

"But after a while, you realize that people wanna hear the songs and see us do things," May continued. "So, no matter what you call it, Roger [Taylor] and I do do stuff, and I think we'll be doing some more stuff this summer in fact, probably in the States."

In related news, the band's "Greatest Hits" album became the highest-selling record in UK history, as well as the first one to sell over six million copies. As Telegraph reports, one in three British families now owns Queen's hits collection.

May personally addressed the occasion, describing the news as "incredible" and thanking "everyone who has supported us through the years." The record was released in 1981 featuring 17 tracks from the first 11 years of Queen, ultimately spending 476 weeks on UK charts. Finally, check out Top 5 best-selling albums in UK history below.

Highest-selling albums of all time in the UK:

1. Queen - "Greatest Hits," 1981, 6 million copies
2. Abba - "Gold," 1992, 5.1 million copies
3. The Beatles - "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," 1967, 5.1 million copies4. Adele - "21," 2011, 4.7 million copies5. Oasis - "What's the Story Morning Glory," 1995, 4.6 million copies

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    Jacques Nel
    Is it offensive to find irony in the fact that Adam Lambert is touring with Queen?
    Can you explain it? I don't follow Adam Lambert so I don't really understand the irony
    He's gay
    Duh..... So was Freddy Mercury.....your point? The relevance? Great vocals and the approval of Brian May and Roger Taylor is what counts not your opinion.....
    Freddie was actually bi, look it up
    Nope..Freddie never claimed to be bisexual..stop making up stories.
    Freddy had a girlfriend for a very long time, even left her his house after he passed. as said before: Look it up, before making dumb statements.
    I really like Brian May but I wish he would just give Queen up.
    I saw Queen + Paul Rodgers back in 06 and it was one of the greatest shows i've ever been to. Maybe it seems weird to drag Queen out but I wouldn't want to prevent anybody from having the same experience I had
    Don't like it, don't go to the shows. I saw them live 2 years ago and it was by far the greatest stadium show I've ever seen, and there's been quite a few. Hope to see them back in Europe, too. Lambert is amazing.
    Crimson Ghost
    I feel the same way. I wasn't crazy about the idea of Adam Lambert singing for Queen, but then I saw them at the iHeart Music Festival and it was unbelievable. Who Wants To Live Forever was really incredible.
    I was at iHeart too and saw Adam and Queen in London 2x in 2012. Best concerts of my life. Hoping for summer tour.
    OK Mrs Lambert - the gig is up. Stop posting on UG in defence of your son's performances!
    You know I was just as dumb. I was like "Oh my God, this guy must be as awful as his solo work... he's gonna butcher the songs I love so much!" But they were in my city and I thought "What the hell..." expecting to see 2 members of Queen with an awful singer. Instead I got the greatest big show I've ever seen, so you know, I think I have a right to have an opinion about his abilities. And no, I would not see him solo. This was not only a great gig, it was also an excellent tribute to Freddie.
    Oh so u prefer Brian May & Roger Taylor rather roll over & play dead just because you are a selfish old man asking them to..just because? That makes lots of sense doesn't it?
    This whole Lambert and Queen thing has always seemed so weird to me. Oh well. If it works, then i guess it's awesome.
    250,000 in Kiev, 30,000 in Moscow, 35,000 in Poland, 15,000 at 3 London gigs in 2012, 7,000 at EMA's in 2010, and 6.000 at iHeart in 2013 enjoyed Queen + Adam. They PAID to see them alone at 5 of those concerts. Many more will enjoy the US concerts, many who never saw Freddie - a new generation. They will look up Freddie and buy his music. And no one knows whether Queen will record with Adam. It's possible Adam might not want to. So the whiners who feel so threatened that a gorgeous, talented gay Adam is singing some of gay Freddie's songs can sit at home in their rocking chairs and type bitter comments while the rest of us enjoy great music. Technically, Paul Rodgers replaced Freddie; Adam is replacing Paul. Brian and Roger's band, their choice.
    It is nice to see there are some other open minded Queen fans like Crimson Ghost, GuitardudeDK and myself. Brian May has said that he believes Freddie would have loved having Adam front the band and I think he knows Freddie better than you who try to speak for the Band. Lambert has said his intention is not to take Freddie's place, as we know-no one can. He is a big Freddie fan--has said this long before he was asked to front. I personally think it is kind of selfish for fans to try to keep new generations from the pleasure of this music--collaborated by the entire Queen Rock Band, If you don't want the great experience of hearing it again (and I did hear it at Iheart and it was incredible) then you have the right not to. However, we who love the music and feel it should be timeless --we have the right to enjoy this experience. And no, I am not Lambert's mother (why be so snarky?)
    So people are complaining about a gay/camp singer playing with Queen?? (who is a better fit than Paul Rodgers)
    Brian and Roger (Queen) has every right to call themselves, are mesmerized by Adam and of all the frontmen they have worked with, have not praised any of them in glowing terms as they have heaped so effusively with Adam. "A voice one in a billion", "a gift from heaven", "does things with his voice no one else can", and what about the flailings of Meatloaf, Slash, Smokey Robinson, Melissa Etheridge, etc. There's Marc Martel, sure, but he does not have the more important qualities of charisma, maturity, power, range, to do justice to all of Queen's catalogue. Hence, Adam Lambert for Queen.
    Are they recording a new album with him under the Queen name? Because if not, and he's just singing old Queen songs on a tour, his ability is irrelevant, and he has nothing to do with Queen, he's just a glorified karaoke singer. You should create some music with a legendary band before anyone considers you part of said band. If he plays the next 20 years on tour with them and just does old Queen songs and never makes an original album with them, he is not part of Queen.
    YES! I'm so excited for this tour, saving up $$$ now for tickets! Queen + Adam Lambert = PERFECTION!!!
    I find some of these comments laughable! Adam Lambert brings Queen's music to life like no one has since Freddie. His voice, and presence on stage singing Queen is so exciting! Adam and Freddie have two of the greatest voices the world has ever known. Both have a theatrical quality that makes Queens's music so great. Adam is not trying to be a clone, but brings his own voice and personality to the stage and it is so exciting. So you naysayers don't go to a concert or view videos of Queen+Adam. I for one cannot wait to see Queen with Adam live. Adam and that one of kind, out of this world voice and his infectious, dynamic personality commanding the stage is going to be the concert of a lifetime and more!
    Adam Lambert is actually an immensely talented singer. I don't get where all the hate is coming from... is it because he's too poppy for your taste? Of course nobody can replace Freddie Mercury, but they're not trying to... they're just going out there to play their music and give fans a good time. What's so wrong with that?
    I see all this talk of how good or bad Lambert is with them. Until you see them live, you cannot say SH*T! and youtube videos will never do it justice. of course it is not like it was with Freddy, thank you for such insightful information. That is why they promote themselves as Queen PLUS Adam Lambert. Its an amazing show you dont wanna miss
    I just listened to this version of Stone Cold Crazy with Queen, Tony Iommi, and James Hetfield. That I would actually pay to see live
    Why all the negative comments ... oh ya there is a lot of jealous little people commenting on here. Adam Lambert is an amazing singer and no one can top him. Queen and Adam Lambert ... It's something you don't want to miss !!!
    Way Cool JR.
    Why in the world would anyone on here be jealous? I highly doubt that anyone on here has auditioned and lost to Lambert. That's the only way there would be any jealousy going on in here. Yes Adam is a great singer and no one in here has said that he wasn't, including myself.
    Way Cool JR.
    I have nothing personal against Lambert or anything, But I think he just sounds completely horrible with Queen. Every time I hear him sing with them it just makes me cringe more and more. It makes Queen sound like a cheesy cover band. I really love Queen and it kills me to hear them this way. If you're going to tour at least use Marc Martel he at least does the band some justice. Queen deserves to have the best they can get and Adam is not that person IMO.
    Crimson Ghost
    Having Marc Martel would make Queen seem like a tribute band. I would highly recommend actually seeing them live with Adam Lambert. When I watched videos, I wasn't crazy about his voice on the songs. When I saw them live, I was blown away.
    Way Cool JR.
    I think they sound cheesy with Adam singing, sorry if that offends you. And the whole tribute band outlook you have with Marc is just complete nonsense IMO. When you saw them live You were just caught up in the moment dude. Things can really alter your perception in an atmosphere like that.
    Crimson Ghost is right, Marc Martel is good in the tribute band but it would be cheesy/creepy for him to sing with Queen. Brian specifically said that they did not want an imitator and I don't understand why Marc Martel fans don't get that. Just be content that he has his place in the official tribute band which is what he was going for. Brian and Roger want Adam Lambert to sing with them and they have the final word on the matter.
    Have u seen Adam and Queen show yet? Well I have they are amazing together. Sorry but you are in the minority and if u haven't seen them live then u don't have a valid reason for not liking them.
    Way Cool JR.
    I don't have to see them in person live I watched plenty of high quality videos of them performing live with Adam. He's not going to sound any different in person then he does on high quality recordings. My reason is more than valid. I've seen plenty of bands over the decades live and in video to compare the 2 together so I'm more than qualified to make an honest opinion based on that. I do not like him with the band period, and nobody I know likes him in the band. People I know that have seen them live together said it was awful with him. And I'm talking about grown mature adults not little teenyboppers. So you're technically in the minority yourself.
    Mature people who never learned to move forward but live in the past.. oh ok then..go ahead roll over & play dead..let Queen band sing THEIR MUSIC & enjoy what they love..LONG LIVE QUEEN.
    You do not like Adam with the band u say? Did Queen ask your opinion of Adam? You can sit in your rocker & shrivel up in jealousy all u want..Queen will do what they enjoy..LET THERE BE MUSIC..LET THERE BE QUEEN..LONG LIVE QUEEN..BRIG ON QUEEN PIUS ADAM.
    Way Cool JR.
    I honestly don't give a crap what anyone says about my opinion, it's an opinion. Your opinion is also nothing but an opinion and holds no more merit than mine or anyone else's. I'v moved foreword my whole entire life and plan to keep doing so. If you like Adam with them then that's great, I'm glad you do. But don't try to sit there like your all high and mighty and force feed him to me with a spoon. I'v been a fan of Queen since the '80s and still a big fan of theirs today. Nothing will ever change that. I'v been happy with several bands moving on with new singers so I'm as open minded as anyone. Lambert is just one singer that I don't agree with and I'm well within my rights to voice my opinion about that. It's just sad how butt hurt people get over it. You live your life and I'l live mine. The greatest thing to come out of it is we are both fans of a great and iconic band called Queen.
    Lambert is hardly average for Queen. I must admit that Brian and Roger were amazing in 2012, but the vocals were just bad, not fitting the songs (mostly).
    We want John Deacon We Want John Deacon!
    John Deacon today is 1 million light years away from music business. I picked up the bass guitar 20 years ago after hearing him but I wish him peace and happiness as far away from music biz as he wants.
    Go & ask John Deacon..he doesn't want to be active member but collect Royalty from Queen. He is happy w that
    They should do whatever the hell they want, just stop calling it 'Queen'.
    They aren't calling it Queen, they're calling it Queen + Adam Lambert, stop getting your knickers in a twist over nothing.
    Given that Brian May and Roger Taylor wrote over half the Queen music catalog, I just can't agree. It is as much their music is it was Freddie's. Queen is an amazing band and I think it is great that the show can go on!
    Roger & Brian are Queen band..they call it a Queen band..a copyright name they own it..who the hell are u to tell them to not call it "Queen"
    So was Freddie, if u are a Queen fan, u would no Freddie was a gay man..why such a big deal? Gay or straight..good singer is good singer. Adam Lambert is perfect for Queen band.
    So was Freddie, if u are a Queen fan, u would no Freddie was a gay man..why such a big deal? Gay or straight..good singer is good singer. Adam Lambert is perfect for Queen band.
    Fuk all Lambert lovers. Brian and Roger should tour on their own. Singing all the songs. It would work much better.