Queen Drummer Debuts 'Sunny Day' Track

Roger Taylor reveals a song off his upcoming solo album "Fun on Earth."

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Drummer Roger Taylor of Queen recently premiered a new track "Sunny Day" during an exclusive BBC Radio appearance. The song comes off Taylor's upcoming fifth solo record "Fun on Earth," due out on October 25 through Parlophone Records. You can check out the tune's snippet below. The album itself is a solo effort by all means, as it features Roger handling each of the instrumental, as well as vocal and writing duties. Several guest artists did however make their appearances, including Jeff Beck, Bob Geldof and Neil Murray. When it comes to "Sunny Day," Jason Falloon gave a contribution with his guitar work. "Fun on Earth" comes as slightly overdue, seeing that the recording sessions kicked off almost five years ago, sometime during late 2008. With 13 tracks, the album clocks in at just over 45 minutes. Check out the full track listing below. "Fun on Earth" track listing: 01. One Night Stand 02. Fight Club 03. Be With You 04. Quality Street 05. I Don't Care 06. Sunny Day 07. Be My Gal (My Brightest Spark) 08. I Am the Drummer (in a Rock N' Roll Band) 09. Small 10. Say It's Not True 11. The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken) 12. Up 13. Smile

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The new song fetched a few comparisons with Rod Stewart when it comes to vocal delivery. Let us know whether you agree in the comments.

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    Glad to see some new Roger stuff. I wasn't too fond of most of his Queen tracks, but judging from this the album should be pretty good. It's weird how he sounded like an old man on all of the Queen tracks though.
    The song Say it's Not True was released in 2007 already under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Say_It's_No...
    So was "One Night Stand" (1998) or "The Unblinking Eye" (2009). But I don't mind any of these songs being given a proper album release. "Say It's Not True" by Queen+Rodgers was fun, but it's a Taylor solo track through and through.
    way isn't queen a power trio,all can sing geez .then it would be queen
    why the hell didn't it say his name -roger taylor queen drummer new song etc