Queen Find More Freddie Mercury Demos Than Originally Thought

Brian May discusses upcoming release.

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Queen star Brian May has discussed plans to release "new" Queen material, which will feature previously unheard vocals from Freddie Mercury, hinting that it could rival some of the band's best ever work, Gigwise reports. The legendary band are currently working on a new record, after the discovery of Freddie Mercury demos. May has revealed his surprise at the quantity of the vocals tracks and the quality of the unheard music. "There's more in there than we thought, in the Queen source archive. We've found some Freddie vocals, some demos," says May in a new interview with Mojo magazine. "If we find an anlogue 24-track of Freddie singing something that never got finished, the first thing we do is transfer it into the digital domain. "We make the copy at the highest resolution you can. Then we start weaving our tapestry." However, despite the recently unearthed material, May revealed that he is uncertain if they have found enough to warrant a full album release, adding: "I'm a little nervous of saying there's an album there, but there's certainly a few tracks. "So at the moment we're working on spinning some new music around those, which is what we did for the "Made in Heaven" album, which was possibly the best Queen album we ever made."

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    Interesting. Though he's not sure there's enough for a whole album, an EP would be cool. Also, so the show did go on
    "which is what we did for the "Made in Heaven" album, which was possibly the best Queen album we ever made." - smart words from Brian, I've never expected to hear that. MiH is a great piece of art though. A little EP with 4-5 new songs would be really good, but not more.
    @014 is gonna be a good year. Many releases and tours and new albums. Cant wait.!!!!
    Considering the bad decisions May and Taylor made with the C-lebrity album and getting Adam Lambert on board, this is brilliant news. Mercury's vocals will bring back May's playing to the level it was when they were Queen, stir up old memories and inspiration. Excited...