Queen Hint At Big Tour In 2013

During a promotional video for Korg keyboards, Queen keyboardist Spike Edney may have revealed more than he intended.

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During a promotional video for Korg keyboards, Queen keyboardist Spike Edney may have revealed more than he intended. Now speculation is running wild that the band will tour the world with Adam Lambert as their singer in 2013.

Near the end of the video below interesting because it shows how many famous Queen sounds are created Edney talks about how he's used his new Korg. "I've used it for six shows now," he says, "looking forward to taking it around the world next year on a big tour. Fingers crossed!"

Edney never mentions Lambert, but the former "American Idol" contestant received rave reviews from his performances with the band. Roger Taylor and Brian May both enjoyed working with the 20-year-old. Fans also appreciated Lambert stepping in for the late Freddie Mercury.

Lambert does have an active solo career, but has been suspiciously putting off plans for a solo tour to support his "Trespassing" album. Most recently Lambert and the rest of Queen played together on June 30 in Kiev.

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Thanks to Ultimateclassicrock for the report.

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    Spike Edney isn't Queen's keyboardist, he is a keyboardist who has played with Queen in the past... He might just mean he's playing with someone else on that particular keyboard...
    @mercury23 LOL you know there's something called Wikipedia thats great to confirm things...like Lambert turning 20 earlier this year... I think its fair and accurate to say that Spike Edney is Queen's keyboardist. He's been active with them in one form or another since the 80s. It does seem possible the UG is reading a little too much into that statement about a big tour. It could mean Queen (which would be fantastic) or it could just be a general comment he made. It also makes sense that he would demo a lot of Queen's music because its so familiar to everyone.
    This will be as good as the Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley amd Jimi Hendrix 2013 tour!
    Adam was great at all the Queen concerts. Also, he just turned 30. He was 27 when he was on Idol.
    well I might not care who's on the ride if someday I get the chance to see Brian May rocking out live.
    The shows with Adam Lambert were fabulous. I just got done reading another biography on Freddie. What a great tradition. I hope they tour and I'll be watching or trying to go. It may not happen and probably not in America where Bieber, Perry and others like that are far too popular. Rock 'n roll is a dying breed but I'll keep watching and supporting it because it is the best. Hope the Queenbert tour happens. I love Queen and Adam Lambert
    Spike Edney is mentioned quite often in the biography I just read about Freddie. Yes, he's been with them in some way shape or form since about '84. Love him. I like the fact the Lambert is really nothing like Freddie except he has the phenomenal voice. I can watch the tribute and if I want a Freddie Mercury mimic. Brian and Roger want the voice an performing ability they get from Adam.
    Jonathan you clearly did not see any of the shows. Adam is a brilliant fit for the band, far better than Paul Rodgers was.
    Queen is Brian May and Roger Taylor. NOT +Spike Edney. NOT +Adam Lambert. As much as I'd hope that Queen would do a 2013 tour, it seems your assumption is WAY to vague.
    Spike has denied that there is a planned world tour in the pipeline but that doesn't mean it won't happen it means as or now.