Queen Possibly Releasing Album With Adam Lambert

Band also announces world tour with Lambert, adding, "This is the closest you'll get to our golden days."

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Upon officially announcing North American summer tour with singer Adam Lambert, Queen have noted that recording a studio record with Adam is now also a possibility.

"I think anything is a possibility," Brian May told Nick Carter during a recent press conference. "That's the way things do sometimes happen, I wouldn't rule it out," drummer Roger Taylor chipped in.

As far as the tour goes, May announced an "adventurous, dangerous" approach, adding that the band will be using "no backing tapes, ProTools or clicks. We just play together and it's great, it's glorious," the guitarist said.

During a separate Rolling Stone chat, May insisted that the group's current lineup is the closest thing to Queen's finest hour. "We were very conscious of that in making this decision," he said.

"This is the closest that you'll ever get to see Queen as it was in our golden days, but it's not a reproduction. It's not an imitation. We're here live and real and we have a great singer," the guitarist continued. "They'll be a lot of newness about this. I think that's very exciting. It'll be loud and dangerous and all the things that people used to look for in us."

As for the upcoming summer trek, the North American arena tour will kick off on June 19 in Chicago, Illinois and take the band across 18 cities. Tickets will go on sale March 14, more info here, make sure to check out the full itinerary below.

Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour 2014

6/19 - Chicago - United Center
6/21 - Winnipeg - MTS Centre
6/23 - Saskatoon - Credit Union Centre
6/24 - Edmonton - Rexall Place
6/26 - Calgary - Scotiabank Saddledome
6/28 - Vancouver - Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena
7/01 - San Jose - SAP Center
7/03 - Los Angeles - The Forum
7/05 - Las Vegas - The Joint
7/06 - Las Vegas - The Joint
7/09 - Houston - Toyota Center
7/10 - Dallas - American Airlines Center
7/12 - Detroit - The Palace of Auburn Hills
7/13 - Toronto - Air Canada Centre
7/14 - Montreal - Bell Centre
7/16 - Philadelphia - Wells Fargo Center
7/17 - New York - Madison Square Garden7/19 - Uncasville - CT Mohegan Sun Arena7/20 - Washington- DC Merriweather Post Pavilion

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    Just refrain from calling it Queen and you'll have my blessings, Mr. May.
    So in that line of thought we shouldn't call AC/DC AC/DC because Bonn Scott is dead, The Rolling Stones should have changed their name because Brian Jones is dead and maybe Iron Maiden should change their name because Paul Di'Anno was kicked out?!!!!!
    Yeah its not even like they're completely changing their style like Fleetwood mac did and regardless that it had the two members where the name came from it became totally different. What difference does it make to these whingers what they call it its got nothing to do with you. Bottom line treat it like I treat Chinese Democracy - IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T BUY IT!!!!!
    Battery Chicken
    AC/DC lost their frontman when they were peaking, people could stomach the change. Freddie + Brian are Queen, like Lennon + McCartney, Jagger + Richards, Bono + The Edge, etc. You can't lose half the writing team and call it the same band. INXS tried this crap for years, and it never worked.
    Bad Kharmel
    but who are we to tell Brian May that after he loses a friend and front man that he can no longer use or make decisions regarding the band he worked to create
    Ah, look at all the haters. Do you guys really expect a band to just give up and find day jobs when one member dies? I didn't like Queen + Paul Rogers, but I don't blame them for trying to make music as a band still. At least they're doing something , and not just living off royalties for the rest of their days. I doubt it'll be my cup of tea, but if they do a Queen+Lambert album, I'll at least give it a listen.
    Am i the only one who actually sees it working? I mean not to the level of the original lineup, but this poptart Lambert does have some pretty mean pipes.Plus hes flamboyant in nature, like a Mercury.
    In my opinion, Mercury's flamboyance always had some masculine grit to it. Lambert has a good voice, but both his voice and his image are too feminine to be compared to Freddy.
    Freddy Mercury was manly as Fuck. There's no denying that. I'm not opposed to them making an album though. I'll give it a listen when/if it comes out.
    He's certainly a better fit than Paul Rogers. Say what you will about Lambert's image, the guy is insanely talented and a fantastic singer.
    I feel like the only Queen fan who doesn't have a problem with this, as long as it stays 'Queen + Adam Lambert' and not just 'Queen'. He's a good singer. He's no Freddie Mercury but seriously, who is?!
    I totally agree with you. I would have loved to hear Freddie and Adam sing together though, they both have unique voices.
    I see Freddy Mercury as a legend in rock and unequaled voice, but I swear his fanbase seems to have his imaginary boner up their ass all these years. Lambert is a good vocalist that definitely doesnt deserve all this angry whining coming from Mercury fanboys...
    Agreed. I'll be there. I do not think anyone believes it will be the same but why not tour? I'll enjoy a night out rocking to some of my favorite tunes with a new twist. Consider it a cover concert if you are that concerned.
    When you have be weened on Mercury juice for over 40 years it comes as a shock when some nellie from american idol fronts what was once the greatest rock group on the planet get me! Lambert is utter rubbish and a complete insult to the intelligence of ardent Queen fans.
    NO NO NO NO NO! ARE THEY REALLY THAT STUPID!? The paul rodgers album was a flop, so why do this? Nowhere near is this closest to their finest hour! Adam Lambert? No John Deacon? I love Brian May but his decisions as of late are pretty stupid. I would consider it if they put Marc Martel on the vocals (i.e. I'd give it a chance) but not with this over hyped monkey on the microphone >.
    That over hyped monkey was chosen for a reason to front a band that had one of the best vocalists ever. What is it you do?
    This guy is by far a better singer than Freddie ever way, where have you been all this time, in some dark cupboard with your ears blocked or something mate? Not only are you tone deaf, your an idiot who needs his brain pulling back through his arse hole. Your the Ape or "Hyped up monkey" you describe this lad as, what talents do you have? or rather what do you not have other than a stupid frozen pea for a brain. Stop posting stupid illiterate comments on here if you cannot talk some sense. Idiotic moron.
    There's a reason John Deacon refuses to have anything to do with them nowdays....
    eh, I don't think so. Maybe if John was making solo records or had another band going, or something, I would agree. But he's retired from music. He might not even play anymore as far as we know. Brian and Roger even said in another interview that he's involved when it comes to the financial things regarding the band.
    Adam Lambert is a kickass singer. This is ****ing awesome. If they come around Denmark at some point, I'll have to make an effort to be there.
    Even though I absolutely detest Lambert's voice, I'd give this a chance. Let them do whatever they want to, elitists, please. Yes, Mercury was great, but sadly he's gone and the show must go on for Brian May and co.
    I hope it works out, younger generations deserve to hear the genius that is Queen
    This is wrong in so many ways. Nobody can get anywhere near the talent and showmanship that Freddie had. When Freddie passed away Queen should have called it a day.
    Yes Brian May & Roger Taylor have made the biggest mistake of there entire career.Adam Lambert has no experience of massive stadiums and arenas where Freddie was in his element! He screaches when he sings and to be honest May & Taylor are flogging the name Queen around like a cheap hooker these days as anyone can stand on stage and sing with them.Lambert is awful with Queen and i for one will not entertain this car crash.
    Where is John Deacon?.. Oh that's right ....he retired after Freddy died. So you don't even get three quarters of Queen.
    You guys are all weird! I saw Queen and Adam Lambert and he is awesome! And his voice is absolutely comparable to Freddie's, no doubt in my mind. Freddie is dead, my friends and Adam is very much alive and has the balls to sing with this great band. Give the man a chance! I don't see any of you lining up to sing with Queen! Argh.
    Every one of you must be completely deaf! Adam Lambert with Queen is AMAZING and they could not have chosen a better man to come in as front man. Adam's vocals are off the charts. Do any of you actually listen to the music or just immediately start bashing them? Freddie Mercury is dead and Adam has stated more than once that he is not in any way trying to be Freddie or replace Freddie because that's not possible. Adam can sing his a$$ off and is doing an amazing job! As for him not having experience with large stadium crowds...go check out some of the videos on Youtube. I think his performance speaks for itself. I, personally, cannot wait for the release of an album if they choose to record one. I have seen Adam in concert and it was one of the BEST I have ever attended.
    JUST VIEW THE HAMMERSMITH, IHEART, KIEV UKRAINE AND THE EMAS, THEN OPEN YOUR MINDS, FOLKS. No, it's amazing and Roger has his son drumming right along beside him...I loved Freddie and Queen has said Adam's instrument is brilliant. It's their band and their choice...just respect that. Read the reviews of their shows with Adam....glowing over the top praise. There's a world wide demand for these shows.....
    I got two tickets. Can't wait. Queen threw Adam out in front of 300000 people in Kiev. Did just fine. The 3 Hammersmith London shows were praised to heavens and beyond. This Tour sold out MSG, NY in 12 minutes. Sure Adam's lack of maturity/personal issues have hurt his career, but he seems focused right now. Brian in particular has such on-stage chemistry with Adam. Amazing. As Queen has said, they want to play, with the man with the one in a billion voice and if you don't like it please don't buy a ticket or come to concert. Seems reasonable to me. Adam is the only one Brian and Roger want.
    I'd like to front a band with those guys but call it "King" insted of queen!
    If possibly John Deacon returns, this might sound very good, but they shouldn't call it Queen.