Queen to Release 'New' Live Album 'Live at the Rainbow '74'

The previously unreleased live recording has been in the band's archive for the past 40 years.

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A previously unreleased live album by Queen is finally set to be released, NME reports.

"Live at the Rainbow '74" will come out on September 8 in a variety of formats including a DVD featuring live footage. The show was recorded at London's Rainbow venue on March 31, 1974, over 40 years ago. The album was set to be released after the show, but the band put out their breakthrough studio album "Sheer Heart Attack" instead. "Live at the Rainbow '74" has sat in the band's archives ever since. The album sees the band performing "Killer Queen," "Seven Seas of Rhye" and more.

Meanwhile, Queen guitarist Brian May confirmed the band will release an album before the end of 2014 which will feature unreleased vocals by Freddie Mercury. May said the album is likely to be titled "Queen Forever," adding that Mercury's vocals date back to the 1980s. He explained that he and drummer Roger Taylor recently recorded instrumental tracks for the songs, based on the original "scraps" of unreleased music.

Since Mercury's death in 1991, Queen have released one album of new recordings, 1995's "Made in Heaven." Queen tour North America in June with Adam Lambert, who has been Mercury's replacement since 2012.

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    70's Queen material (especially pre-Opera) should be much more explored than it is, glad to see this getting a release.
    "Live at the Rainbow '74" sounds amazing..."Queen Forever" with scraps of Freddie's vocals on new songs, not so much.
    Not that I'll be buying the Queen 'scraps' album, but it had better not feature Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Psy or any of the other artists that Bryan May thinks are breaking new ground....
    Procession Now I'm Here Ogre Battle White Queen (As It Began) In the Lap of the Gods Killer Queen The March of the Black Queen Bring Back That Leroy Brown Son and Daughter Guitar Solo Father to Son Keep Yourself Alive Liar Son and Daughter (Reprise) Stone Cold Crazy In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited Encore: Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley cover) God Save the Queen (Thomas Augustine Arne cover)
    I cant wait for this release. the march 74 gig AND the November 74 gig all in one package. Hopefully next up, Christmas eve '75.