Queen's Brian May Announces New Adam Lambert Collaboration

The iconic guitarist praises the singer, calling him "an amazing artist."

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After three sold-out shows at the Hammersmith Apollo in London in 2012 with Adam Lambert as the Queen frontman, guitarist Brian May has revealed plans to do it all again.

The Queen guitarist is no stranger to collaborations: he has previously worked with Dappy on his solo album and the rumors said about his upcoming collaboration with "Gangnam Style" star Psy.

So working with Adam Lambert again seems almost natural. May revealed plans that him and Roger Taylor were in talks with doing something with Adam.

"We are talking about doing something with Adam, probably for TV," May told MTV (via Gigwise). "He's an amazing artist and a very nice guy. We keep in touch and have a good friendship.

"We're not talking about touring yet, but we are talking about doing an event."

Lambert expressed an initial fear at following in Freddy Mercury's footsteps but recieved good reviews for his performance as the Queen frontman last summer.

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    Not too long ago May was bashing American Idol, X Factor, etc, and now he's working with one of the singers produced by the show... Wtf
    The show and the talent are completely different things.
    still I love Queen and Brian May, but he's selling out big time and has been for a while, duets with anastasia, jessie j, dappy, that stupid boys band forgot its name, lambert, elis etc... all crap, he doesn't seem to get what's cool and not, he probably thinks it's good cause it's what kids listen to these days, but that's just aweful, he'd better do some collabs with omar rodriguez, andrew stockdale or whoever, but not manufactured posers
    Maybe he legitimately likes working with them. Just because it's not what you're into doesn't mean he's selling out.
    Maybe you should send Brian an email so he can know your definition of what is cool and perhaps suggest to him who you think he should collab with. I am sure he is anxiously awaiting your input.
    Idol didn't just "produce" Lambert. They caught a horseshoe up their asses. He was no amateur looking for a break. He'd already been singing and doing theater for years, but people think he just popped out of nowhere AFTER getting the Idol exposure, which is clearly a pretty good reason to do that kind of show in the first place - exposure. Seems like a choice idea to me anyway. As a huge Queen fan I like seeing a guy who can actually pull it off!
    @kcmoon5150 -- Brian said he doesn't like the show "The Voice" bc the singers have to sing to the backs of the judges. He never said anything about Idol or XFactor.
    Yes, but Brian May is currently touring with a woman that was a contestant in The Voice last year so ....
    Yes, Kerry Ellis auditioned for The Voice UK and none of the judges turned around for her. Which I'm sure pissed off Brian knowing she is a great singer.
    I don't see a point in collaborating with psy...
    i'm guessing the point is $ - if they get a hit like Gangum Style - but PSY might just be a one hit wonder. I don't think his second single is doing well at all.
    They've done collabs in the past under the name "Queen" I personally don't like Lambert's solo material, but the guys got a voice, and with the sound of Queen I think it would make a great combo. I would prefer they either do one or the other though... Play Queen hits exclusively, or form a new band with all new material.
    I still don't understand why May & Taylor don't record something by themselves. They are more than capable. Lambert does have a good voice though and a good range, but, I don't know..
    I would love to see Brian and Roger do a special on TV with Adam and hopefully in near future do a tour. Re: Psy I think Brian is mainly looking at the YT hits as the reason he may do something with Psy. Personally think it's a big mistake. Psy may be a one hit wonder. All he does is dance around the stage. He really can't sing well. He appeals to tweens and teens mostly.
    Saw one of the Queen & Lambert shows and it was waaaaay better than I expected, I'd definitely go again if they toured. Interested to see what that they'll do next.
    Adam Is Not The Poor Mans Freddie Mercury.. He Is Just A Poor Man Pimped Out By A Hack SingIn Contest.
    Brian May your awesome but my god supporting a one hit wonder made famous by the shows you bash. ???
    I'd love to hear them do some new stuff, and not just re-doing Freddie Mercury's material.
    Brian May for some reason just wants to continue tarnishing his legacy...the reason is probably money. Do some collaborations with good artists at least.