Queens Of The Stone Age Write Cryptic Letter

artist: Queens of the Stone Age date: 12/11/2012 category: music news
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Queens Of The Stone Age Write Cryptic Letter
Queens Of The Stone Age have written a cryptic teaser for their forthcoming album. In a handwritten letter to Mojo magazine, the band explains why the album has been delayed for more than a year now - and why that might prove to be a good thing. "In our grand plan, we envisioned our lives and recordings running like clockwork [sic]," it reads. "However, the reality has been manic and unpredictable. "These songs aren't recollections of times we had. They are depictions of what we are going through in real time. It means even a bad event can turn into an unforgettable song." It babbles on before acknowledging that it "sounds like a load of pretentious st." As odd as the letter may look, there's no doubt that the new QOTSA record is one of the most anticipated all year. With no official release date, we can only presume it will finally arrive in 2013 - but of course, we said that 12 months ago too. The album will feature Dave Grohl on drums, and Trent Reznor has contributed some electronic production. Surprisingly, former bassist Nick Oliveri has been drafted in for some guest vocals, despite being fired from the band some years ago. Read the cryptic letter from Queens Of The Stone Age here:
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