Queensryche Court Documents Reveal Tate Secrets

artist: Queensr├┐che date: 07/11/2012 category: music news
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Queensryche Court Documents Reveal Tate Secrets
Queensryche have explained in detail why they chose to fire Geoff Tate from the band. Their story was revealed in court documents as part of a lawsuit initiated by Tate to take control of the Queensryche name. In their statement, which has been shared by Blabbermouth, the band summarise their history and the increasing level of control that Tate and his wife Susan built for themselves within the band: "Once Susan Tate was installed as manager, the Tates proceeded to take full control of the band. Geoff Tate began working with outside writers and regularly rejecting music offered by the band." They claim that the Tates took control of the budgeting and writing process, and manipulated the other members both financially and with threats that Geoff would leave the band. The band describe how the Tate partnership may have influenced the band's financial downfall, though it does not appear to mention the general decline in music sales over the last decade: "Under Tate leadership, Queensryche has produced three albums to wildly declining sales. 'Operation: Mindcrime II' has sold only 150,000 copies to date, compared to 500,000 for the original 'Operation: Mindcrime' in the first year alone, moving on to over a million a few years later." The following albums, "American Soldier" and "Dedicated To Chaos" only sold 60,000 and "an abysmal 20,000 copies" respectively. The tipping point came when the Tates allegedly engaged in a deal to produce a film based on "Operation: Mindcrime" without the band's knowledge. A disagreement over the secret deal led to Geoff's "unprovoked attack" on Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton before a show in Brazil. Coupled with Geoff's "erratic and bizarre behavior", which included "telling the audience they 'sucked'", the band voted to replace the singer. Now the band say their fortunes have changed, with two sold-out shows and the potential to book over $4 million in tour dates before the trial even begins. Whether Tate will continue to earn a share of this revenue, or even earn the Queensryche name, is up to the court to decide.
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