Queensryche Feared New Album Would Turn Out a 'Turd'

Drummer Scott Rockenfield talks pressure band faced during "Queensryche" recording.

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Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield recently talked about the amount of pressure the band was facing while recording their Todd La Torre-fronted debut "Queensryche."

As Rockenfield told Jam Magazine, metal veterans jokingly referred to the album as "turd," putting determination to get back on track as a top priority.

"While working on the record we'd joke, 'Are we putting out a turd?'" he said. "You can't polish a turd and you can't convince people to buy a turd. We wanted to make sure we were making the best music we were capable of making. We were also determined to get back to doing what this band always did best - making music together that we were all enthusiastic about. And we did it!"

The stickman then addressed the new material, noting that "Queensryche" consists mostly of fresh material and a minimum of previous sessions rejects.

"The majority of this new record is new material," he stated. "We were firing so fast creatively. Once we realized we were all on the same musical page, the new ideas just flowed. Yes, there is some glue that ties us to the past that you can hear in some riffs and drum parts. The cool thing is we have a ton of stuff that was rejected from past records that we're definitely never going to throw away. You just never know when those ideas are going to resurface."

Queensryche are still in a midst of a legal battle with former frontman Geoff Tate. According to the latest reports, the trial determining the right to band's moniker was delayed until January 2014.

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    You can't polish a turd and you can't convince people to buy a turd
    Geoff Tatte, anyone?