Queensryche Guitarist: 'Once Tate Left, the Darkness Went Away'

"Once this burden was lifted from us, the light came through," says Michael Wilton.

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As the Queensryche drama had seemingly cooled down in the public eye, at least before the final court date, guitarist Michael Wilton of the band's La Torre-fronted edition discussed singer Geoff Tate's departure from the group, calling it a liberating experience. "Oh, yeah. Once this burden was lifted from us, this darkness went away and the light came through and everybody just had the freedom to create and take chances and take risks musically and not be squandered because it didn't fit a certain way that someone wanted to sing," Wilton told Metal Wani. "So it was just a blessing in that aspect." Michael also addressed Tate's claims that the court battle over Queensryche name is "all about money," pointing out that much more is involved. "To me, it's bigger than that," he explained. "It's basically the entity of the name, what it means, the inherent value, creatively, and everything encompassed with the fans. As far as revenue streams, whatever, that's all part of it, but it's what's in our hearts that matters." Asked on the chance of Tate winning in court, the guitarist commented: "We are prepared for that. Honestly from each individuals we have the elements of metal, progressive, pop, hard rock, classical and that's great when you put everybody's creativity in the mix as civilized individuals and not egocentric people. You mix it in a blender and you get Queensryche. We have the following of the fans and our recent European tour has been success. We were rebuilding and fans have been supportive. They have come up-to me and said 'This is real Queensryche.'" La Torre-fronted Queensryche released their new self-titled effort back in late June via Century Media Records.

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    Never really cared for them but with all this drama going on I looked into live videos of both new versions of the band and the Tate fronted band is just depressing. I've never seen such uninspired and phoned in performances from anyone. Even the typical cash grabbing rock stars give it more every night than Tate does. The La Torre fronted band is tight and seem like they genuinely enjoy playing those songs.
    This story sucks, Queensryche were solid back in the day, Operation Mindcrime was a smoking album, it sucks to see a talented band like this just fall apart because of petty differences... Hey Tate Axl just called ... he said you're winning...
    Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling Tate is gonna win.
    I hate to say it, but I think you may be right. It's total crap because he was the one who drove them into the ground for 15 years (or however long it's been since DeGarmo left), although the fact that something wasn't done about it earlier than 2012 kind of makes me wonder what took so long. Regardless I strongly hope Tater loses out here.
    +1 on Tate leaving -good riddance. Now guys lets make the real operation Mindcrime 2