Queensryche Lawsuit Officially Settled, Geoff Tate Loses Rights to Band's Moniker

Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield awarded rights to record and tour as Queesryche, details inside.

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The Queensryche legal case has officially been closed with the court awarding rights to the band's moniker to Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton, leaving singer Geoff Tate on the losing side.

"We wanted to let Queensryche fans around the world know that an amicable settlement has been reached between Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton and Geoff Tate with regard to the future of the Queensryche name," the official statement reads (via Seattle Times).

The agreement points out that the mentioned majority of the original lineup, along with newer members Todd LaTorre and Parker Lundgren is to be known as the sole recording and touring band called Queensryche. As for Tate, the vocalist is left with rights to pursue "other creative endeavors," as well as perform "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" records.

According to the same source, Geoff will kick off a brief Queensryche "farewell" tour this summer before focusing on other musical projects.

"It's the rebirth of Queensryche and the way it used to be," Wilton said. "We're rebuilding the Queensryche name."

Discussing the details behind the settlement, Geoff explained that he had sold the name to his former bandmates. "One thing that's really important for people to understand is that this never went to court," he noted.

"They [Wilton, Jackson and Rockenfield] bought the name from me," the singer pointed out. "But I retain 'Operation Mindcrime.' It's sort of similar to the Pink Floyd situation where Roger Waters retained 'The Wall.' 'Mindcrime' was my thing and my story, so it's appropriate that I keep that. So they will continue on as Queensryche, and I will continue on as me."

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    It's about time.
    I still think the very fact that this even required any debate to settle after what Tate pulled off, not to mention one and a half ****ing year is one of the biggest examples of IRL trolling in recorded history.
    Douche or not, it's good to see high profile artists actually being able to settle shit outside of court like adults.
    still amazed by the amount of media coverage some musicians are getting even though they ceased to be relevant like 20 years ago...
    Yeah I'm sick of seeing this story on the front page of every national newspaper. I don't even watch the news any more because every single piece of "breaking news" is just a story about Queensryche.
    And now both parties can set their minds towards promising future! New QR, new GT solo. Can't wait!
    Geoff Tate, comparing himself and Queensryche to Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. Not even close. Love Queensryche, but not even in the same league as Pink Floyd.
    I hate him too man, but let's be fair here. He neither implied nor said that he was in the same league as Pink Floyd or Roger Waters. He was merely comparing the situation of who the rights went to and I'd say that yes indeed these situations/cases/settlements are similar enough to draw a comparison. Have a good one.
    Hmm. I hope Ryche can still perform Mindcrime songs. This is for the best, I was afraid Tate was going to win the case.
    This is dumb. Just like Pink Floyd and Judas Priest, They all end up reuniting. A sabbatical with out the nasty's would have been better for all. including the ones that really matter, the paying customers... they fans.