Queensryche Recruit 'Operation: Mindcrime' Producer

Drums have been recorded for their new album, with the rest to be recorded at different studios across the West Coast. Meanwhile, Geoff Tate is looking for a replacement after his new guitarist quit after one show...

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The original Queensryche have finished recording drums for their new album, and they have a plan for piecing together the rest of the parts at different studios across the west coast.

"The first phase of our recording was to capture the drum performances in a nice big studio room," said the band on their Facebook (via Blabbermouth). "We then have scheduled the recording of the guitars, bass and vocals in various studios in Seattle and L.A., depending on what equipment we need and what the atmosphere is."

The band added that they prefer to record the parts individually rather than live so they have more control over each sound in the final production.

On this record they're back with producer James "Jimbo" Barton who recorded their renown "Operation: Mindcrime" album in 1988.

"We're really revisiting that vibe of why that music was special back then for us," said drummer Scott Rockenfield. "There will be a modern flair to it, though, just because we're in the modern age. The fun thing about Jimbo being a part of it is that he can help tie together the two sides... I think it's going to be a really great Queensryche record."

Meanwhile, the "other" Queensryche - the newly-founded version by singer Geoff Tate - could be recruiting guitarist Keri Kelli (Slash's Snakepit, Alice Cooper, Ratt) to replace Glen Drover (Megadeth) who quit Tate's band after only one show.

Do you believe Queensryche can sound as good as they did on "Operation: Mindcrime" with some help from their old producer? Might the album suffer if they piece it together at different studios? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Chr1s D3 Garm0
    Nothing could be better than the Original Albums. Giving it a modern sound will probably throw it off. The only person who could help them make a better album is Chris.
    Glen Drover never played a show with Taintryche. That band doesn't go on tour after the new year. But yeah, good for Glen for not associating himself with Geoff Taint.
    It'll be even better than the old stuff. This is a metal band that's been held back for years and waiting to explode. Wait and see; it's gonna be awesome.