Queensryche: 'Rock Is Pretty Much Dead'

date: 07/19/2011 category: music news
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Queensryche: 'Rock Is Pretty Much Dead'
Queensrche frontman Geoff Tate sees a pretty gloomy future for rock bands, unless they can adapt to new ways of doing things. The singer talked to Classic Rock magazine (via Blabbermouth) about how things have changed in the music industry and how his band is trying to change. "Rock is pretty much dead. If you look at the numbers, it's definitely not the music of the times anymore", Tate said. "If it's gonna keep moving, bands need to embrace new ideas. There's a lot of elements to rock that, mentally speaking, are kinda boneheaded. Like the whole 'chunk-chunk-chunk' guitar progression the stuff you play when you're learning the damn thing. You would hope bands would get beyond that." In the same interview Tate spoke about Queensrche's new album, "Dedicated To Chaos", being a "headphones record", tailor-made for the modern listener. "That's the way people listen to music now. People today are plugged in switching between their iPod and phone, back and forth, listening to music all day long", he said. "No, I don't miss the days of guys sitting around listening to vinyl. I don't miss the past much. I love the age we live in. Every day there's something new to wrap your head around. I want to keep embracing new ideas, technology, works of art, literature, films. If you stop doing that, your brain gets lazy." For more on Tate and the new album, check out Gibson.com's recent interview with the singer. Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek, Gibson.com.
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