Queensryche: 'We Have Our Energy Back'

Legal settlement has worked out great for band, says drummer Scott Rockenfield.

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Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield says the band have their energy back after settling their legal issues with former singer Geoff TateMetal Hammer reports.

The legal wrangling saw two versions of the band – both using the Queensryche name – touring and recording, one fronted by Tate and other by Todd La Torre.

Finally the two parties settled, with Tate losing the right to use the Queensryche name.

Rockenfield tells Sweden's Morron Rock show: "Everything has gone really well. It was something that was definitely meant to be. We're happy that we've been able to come to an agreement and move on with everything.

"Todd's been a great addition to what we're doing. We feel like we have our energy back and the goal of the band is now back to what we feel it should have been for a long time — that we wanted it to be.

"But we just feel like we're back being Queensryche and doing what is best for Queensryche and, I think, what our fans have been wanting to hear and see from us for a long time - playing all the great old classic songs that we've had, and then making a record last year with Todd that just, to us, felt really great and felt like a Queensryche record. And I think the fans have embraced that."

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    finally it ends!! I prefer the new music with Todd LaTorre personally. The back catalog can be handled by either vocalist. It will be great to hear Rage for Order tunes with Todd singing! We already know he can handle Operation:mindcrime adn Empire materail really well.
    No DeGarmo, no Queensryche.
    Agreed, I can't get into any albums since his departure, so in essence, Promised Land was the last Queensryche album as far as I'm concerned.
    Too bad they lost the rights to Mindcrime. Does that mean they can't play those songs?
    They can play any songs off it live, just not the album in its entirety. Edit: MY bad CinderellaFan14, didn't see your reply
    I think it means that they lose royalties for it. I mean they could always play those songs as a "cover" of Geoff Tate.
    Queensryche didn't lose the rights to the Mindcrime albums, however Geoff is the only one who can tour and play those albums in their entirety. Queensryche can still play songs off that album, they just can't play it front to back live.