Raconteurs Members To Perform On Record Store Day

artist: Raconteurs date: 04/15/2010 category: music news
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Though The Raconteurs currently are on hiatus while the group's members pursue other projects, half of the quartet's lineup will hit the stage for a one-off performance to mark Record Store Day. Billing themselves as The Racontwoers, guitarist/singer Brendan Benson and drummer Patrick Keeler plan to appear April 17 at fellow Raconteurs band-member Jack White's Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville, where the pair will be joined by "some friends" while performing a number of Raconteurs songs, according to a press release. In addition to marking Record Store Day, the performance will also coincide with the re-release of The Raconteurs debut album, 2006's "Broken Boy Soldiers." TMR plans to issue both a standard version and a limited-edition, Record Store Day version of the set in the form of 300 copper-colored albums. Thanks for the report to Livedaily.com.
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