Radio Still Ranked as No. 1 Source for Music Discovery, Study Finds

35% of Americans using radio to keep up with music, 21% relies on "word of mouth" info.

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Although various new music sources and services were introduced in recent times, radio still ranks as No. 1 source of new music among Americans, the latest Edison Research and Triton Digital study points out.

As Consequence of Sound reports, 35% of Americans aged 12+ still prefer using radio to discover music, while 21% relies on "word of mouth" from friends and family.

YouTube comes as No. 3 top source with 10%, followed by Pandora, Facebook and TV. Check out the detailed infographic below.

Courtesy of Statista "Chart of the Day"

However, a separate study focusing on Americans aged 12-24 came up with significantly different data. This time around, YouTube was ranked No. 1, with 83% of the crowd noting they use the service to discover new music. Friends and family, and Pandora share the No. 2 spot with 71% each.

Once again, the second study proved the drastic drop of TV channels' influence in discovering new tunes. Check out the full details details below.

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    I don't know how people can find new music on the radio when they only play the same 15 or so songs on most big radio stations.
    The last band I remember discovering on the radio was Queens of the Stone age and that was 12 or 13 years ago. Generally what I hear on the radio is the same rehashed band, putting out the same rehashed single. But lord knows they try.
    best place to find new music...local shows
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    I can agree with this to some extent. I mainly refer to Youtube when I want to hear a song I already am familiar with. The funny thing is that most of the music I've discovered are classic songs from back in the day. When it comes to modern music radio sucks.
    Hmmmmm not the radio around here, I honestly haven't turned one on in about three years, last time I did it was all indie hipster crap on our station that is supposed to be hard rock and grunge. I don't care if people want to listen to that stuff but having a station change it's target audience/genre out of the blue is not cool.
    I'm surprised TV commercials aren't on there...Apple commercials have pretty much been in control over the 'next hit song' since 2007.
    Are you kidding me the radio.....maybe if your 12 and never heard of the foo fighters.....thanks to sites like youtube and myspace honestly i have found music i would have have never thought to hear....I dont hear anal **** on the radio or cannibal corpse
    The radio where I live is just garbage.. (Vancouver). Although I do listen to predominately metal, there is nothing on the radio that comes close to that. I definitely go to friends or youtube to find new bands and music.
    I don't have a PhD, but this research seems laughable. More people will have a radio/TV instead of the internet, or at least only use the former for such. Better poll would be to ask only people who have proficient knowledge/usage of those things (tv, youtube, friends etc.), and then ask [i]those people which way they use to find music.
    My main sources for new music are XM and friends, but mostly friends. Had I not seen a Facebook post by a friend who posted "Filth and Squalor" by The Dear Hunter, I probably wouldn't have discovered my current favorite band.
    This is complete bullshit. Unless its different elsewhere, the radio stations in my town play the same garbage radio rock/pop/rap with a rotation of the classics you've heard over and over. I find new music at shows, through my friends, or spotify most recently. I can't think of the last time I've heard something on the radio and really gotten into the artist from that moment.
    I'm in the Detroit area, only station that plays some real metal does so at midnight during weekdays. And sadly I'm not even around a radio during that time
    I've heard some really good songs on the radio, but it was usually when they were doing something kind of different, or basing the songs they played on a theme. I discovered Cream's 'I feel free' on the radio when they were playing a game with the listeners where they played 5 different songs, and they had to find a common theme between the songs, and also pick the odd one out. I guess they had to look for very different and obscure songs to fit the themes they were going for.
    although I admit I have discovered bands from the radio, I'm assuming this pole ask people who like music but don't go out on their own and look for different stuff they just wait for it to come on radio and buy the album or single...I would say I hear of new bands from word of mouth and just looking on the internet myself, for example end the the year I look at many websites top whatever and bands I see high up on most lists I give a listen sometimes I don't like it sometimes I wonder how a year went by and never gave them a chance
    Too bad the radio stations only play 6 songs on repeat with a few oldies
    Ahhhhh, an american survey, I get it, British radio is that bad, other than Steve wright in the afternoon, I nearly had a stroke.
    I just made my own radio station... discover me here. Peace.