Radiohead Await Mayan Apocalypse?

Brazilian reports say guitarist Johnny Greenwood is holed up in a Brazilian hotel waiting for the Mayan Apocalypse, with the rest of the band to follow. But all is not what it seems...

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Radiohead's managers have denied reports that their guitarist Jonny Greenwood is holed up in a Brazilian hotel to see out the Mayan Apocalypse on December 21.

It was the Sao Paulo tourist minister who first claimed Greenwood had checked in for the end of the world, and had offered to provide free music classes to local young people if the Mayan prediction was wrong.

His claims were backed up by the supposed hotel owner who claimed Greenwood has checked in at their business.

"The reason why he's here is to get away, because hotels like this preserve the privacy of the guests and he does not want publicity," said Emmanuel Rengade, owner of the Catucaba hotel (via Spinner).

Radiohead haven't responded to the claims, but their management have plainly denied them, saying Greenwood isn't awaiting the Mayan apocalypse and isn't even in Brazil in the first place.

Instead, the band are probably having a break after relentlessly touring their last album "The King Of Limbs" throughout the year. Johnny had also been busy scoring the music to the film "The Master".

What do you think of the Mayan predictions? Will you be having an end of world party just in case? Let us know in the comments.

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    "The reason why he's here is to get away, because hotels like this preserve the privacy of the guests and he does not want publicity," said Emmanuel Rengade, owner of the Catucaba hotel, The irony....
    lol, the Mayan really didn't predict anything. It's just their calendar ended, and it's starting over. People freak out over the silliest stuff.
    Exactly. It seems almost everyone knows that the Mayan calendar ends on the 21st, but why do so few people know that it simply just starts up again? What a joke. And then you have lots of other people who believe that on the 21st, the earth will collide with some hidden planet in our solar system called Nibiru. A hidden planet..... Right.....
    Like people wanna say that all of these ancient civilizations predicted 2012, but they didn't. The ancient civilizations didn't say anything, people just went ahead and assumed. All of these doomsday theories are just hoaxes.
    I can predict that at some point it will be August 7, 4732 @ 10:35.381 PM. Prove me wrong, I dare you.
    Actually, scientists are interested in a theory that there is a 'hidden planet' in our solar system that we've never seen because it is orbiting in a peculiar way around the sun. I remember seeing a documentary on the subject, and hearing that some people are actually trying to prove the existence of the theoretical hidden planet. I also believe that something is probably going to happen when the calendar ends, like the planets will aline or something similar, due to the fact that their should be some kind of event tied in to the calendar ending and then resetting itself. Much like our calendar represents the earth's rotation the mayan calendar, which represents a substantially larger period of time, should represent something as well. I don't think it's the end of the world, but I do think that something interesting will happen.
    The planets don't just suddenly align because a calendar ends. The last galactic alignment happened in 1988, all of the theories people sprout are nonsense. Don't trust me? Ask NASA
    I feel bad that NASA actually has to answer all those questions. "We're a highly respected research and space company, and here we are answering ****ing nutjobs questions about the end of the world!"
    That's right, because the world didn't invent dates. Humans themselves invented the calendar and dates. It wasn't just created along with the world. I thought I heard something about alignment of the planets, but I'm not sure if it's plausible.
    when the planets align, i get a raging erection, due to the increase of the gravitational pull and bullshit!!!!
    Which scientists are interested in this? Just adding "scientists" to your point doesn't make it more credible. WE DEMAND INFORMATION!
    I think most of them aren't freaking out, expecting it to be true. Instead, they're desperately wishing for it to be true.
    Cara Gato
    People also failed to realize that leap year was invented long after the Mayan civilization disappeared. So, taking leap year into account the end of the world would have happened already.
    It tracks stars, not days. Leap year has no effect on it at all. it really doesn't even have months or days, just pictures.
    I had the fortune to go to Guatemala and it's funny, because even the tour guides were talking about how stupid the whole end of the world prophecy was. They immediately dispelled any thought that there could be some truth to this prophecy.
    I'm not sure I've ever talked to a single person who thought it was legitimate. It is impressive, though, how this thing picked up so much cultural steam.
    It's the basic Western world reaction to anything regarding the end of cosmic cycles (and related ideas), total annihilation! There's just no chance everything will not NOT blow up and just start up in a new era, everything must come to a definite end.
    The Mayan calendar did not account for Leap Years either. All those extra days mean their calendar ended long ago anyway...
    Checklist for december 21. 1. Go out 2. Find chick 3. Does she believe in 2012? If no, continue searching 4. Does she have low selfconfidence? If no, continue searching 5. Is she easily manipulated? If no, proceed to 5B 5B. Is she desperate? If no, continue searching 6. Is she fat/ugly/any way unattractive? If no, continue. 7. Bang her 8. Wake up next morning. Get dressed, stare out window, look at her when she wakes and say: "Well perhaps the world didnt get drowned in a flood, but I know someone who did get very wet last night", then leave. 9. Buy beer to celebrate the world didnt end - also, got laid!
    Laughed so hard at this! That's my checklist as well. At least if the world does end I'll have a hot naked chick on top of me!
    The Mayan calender predicts the end of a 5000+ year cycle that brings the earth to the furthest point from the centre of the solar system. It's not the end of the world its the end of a cycle and hollywood has sensationalised it.
    The real reason the mayan calendar "mysteriously" ends? Mayan Calendar Maker "Right, thats it up to 2012, think I'll take a break and have a relaxing cup of virgin's brains...Hmm, is that a spanish flag on the horizon? what the fu...."
    exactly! If they were so brilliant how come they couldn't foresee their own demise?
    I remember at the Radiohead gig I went to Thom Yorke made fun of people who believed in the end of the world stuff before playing The Daily Mail. I know Thom's not Jonny, but really they're probably just relaxing. The band has mentioned they've felt quite tired after the tour.
    In a simple way what do you do when your calendar is over you go buy a new one although the mayans did predict something we need to save money on buying calendars each year
    Has anyone noticed that the big doomsday predictions happen every 6 years? There was Y2K in 2000. Then there was 06/06/2006 (666). And now there's this. Watch out! Because 2018 really is the end! So is 2024.
    My only worry is some nut job will release a new strain of super virus, just to make the the prophesy come to fruition.
    I hate UG's news titles. The possibility that Jonny Greenwood is waiting for mayan apocalypse doesn't mean that the whole band is waiting for the same thing.
    I am Mexican and I am here to say that the Mayans never predicted the end of the world. Have you heard and Mexicans claim this? And I am speaking of the ones who actually truly know their ancestry. Good grief...
    But you're not mayan, you're mexican.
    I'm sorry you people know better than I do right? I am a descendent of the Mayans and oh yes btw I also grew up learning and studying Mayan and Aztec history and tradition. But far be it for me to call all of you fools for believing the end is coming. If you truly believe that then please end yourself now and spare us from your ignorance.
    its pure bullshit.....2 many ppl have predicted so many different yrs.....Mayans prediction is different then the World famous profit Nostradamous so its all shit my generation will be dead and gone if tht ever happens and i mean IF it ever happens
    "The reason why he's here is to get away, because hotels like this preserve the privacy of the guests and he does not want publicity." Sweet, delicious irony.
    Did you not read the very first comment on this page?
    The Mayan Apocalypse is bollocks, but all in all if Greenwood believes in it why is he in Brazil? I mean, the mayans were a culture located in the south of Mexico and parts of Central America! Just saying.
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    well its a good thing my exams are done tomorrow. crisis averted.
    The sooner the apocalypse comes the sooner these predictions come to an end. Am I the only one hoping for the end of the world?