Radiohead Fans Unleash Multi-Cam Edit Of NYC Show

artist: Radiohead date: 11/30/2012 category: music news
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Radiohead Fans Unleash Multi-Cam Edit Of NYC Show
Fan-made concert films aren't exactly an uncommon practice nowadays. Though they used to be a rarity before digital cameras (and home editing software) existed, we've been seeing more and more projects to pull live footage together into cohesive packages in recent years. Radiohead fans seem to be among the most dedicated, with notable efforts popping up every now and then and another one has just been made available for free. A group of fans who attended Radiohead's pre-The King of Limbs Tour concert at New York City's Roseland Ballroom in September 2011 gathered as much quality footage as they could into a multi-cam edit of the gig. To top things off, the band was kind enough to provide a soundboard audio recording of the concert for the project. In exchange, the makers of the project ask fans to kindly donate to the Hurricane Sandy and Haiti Earthquake relief funds. While download links for the concert film can be found here, the entire thing is available on YouTube as well:
Thanks to Antiquiet for the report.
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