Radiohead Frontman Featured on Cover of Iranian Book About Sex Problems

We're assuming that Thom Yorke didn't authorise this...

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An image of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has turned up in the unlikeliest of places - the cover of an Iranian book about sex and marital problems.

As NME reports, Yorke graced the front sleeve of the book along with pictures of two other unidentified men. Apparently, the book's title translates in English to "Marital and Sexual Problems in Men."

A Twitter user called @Mehr_DaD states that he found the book "about three years ago at [his] uncle's bookstore located in Mashhad, Iran." Apparently, Yorke's appearance on the book's cover does not relate to the book's content.

Radiohead have reportedly been working on a new album since last autumn. Speaking with India's The Sunday Guardian in February, guitarist Jonny Greenwood stated that the band have changed their approach for the new record:

"It's too involved to explain how. We're kind-of limiting ourselves, working within limits. We're trying to use very old and very new technology together to see what happens."

If you're a rabid Radiohead collector, or an Iranian man suffering from sex or martial issues, you can order the book here.

— Sobhan Hassanvand (@Hassanvand) May 11, 2015

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    What a creep.
    He does seem like a bit of a weirdo. But still. What the hell is he doing there? He doesn't belong there.
    Baby Joel
    Honestly, I doubt Tom York would be safe in Iran. He definitely does not belong there, and for his own safety he should leave asap
    Haha that's just weird. I wonder if the person who designed the book's cover even knew who Yorke is or if he was just looking for a sad looking guy on the internet and stumbled upon the picture. Looking forward to new Radiohead music!
    And John Updike! Jesus Christ, this is hilarious. Many of his novels and short-stories deal with marital problems, though, maybe that's why he appears on this obviously quick-Google-Image-Search-based cover. Dunno about the third guy, though. I wonder if the message they are trying to subtly convey here is a man cannot possibly keep his wife happy if he lacks a full beard.
    I can't help but imagine Thom Yorke being interrogated by the iranian police... "Where did you get that beauty eye, tough guy, eating pussy?"
    Or, edited for television, Thom Yorke would reply, "How did I get this scar from eating pineapple?"