Radiohead Investigated After Fatal Stage Collapse

artist: Radiohead date: 06/21/2012 category: music news
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Radiohead Investigated After Fatal Stage Collapse
Radiohead's own tour company, Ticker Tape Touring LLP, is being investigated by the Ontario Ministry of Labour after the stage collapse on June 16. The company, which lists Radiohead as board members, is currently complying with the investigation and have released a statement about the tragedy: "Radiohead is unable to comment concerning the stage structure at Downsview Park. As with any performance, whether it be a theatre or an outdoor show like this, Radiohead installs its production into the performance space as provided by the venue and/or promoter." According to Toronto paper The Star, the investigation is mainly targeting Live Nation, who promoted the concert, but Ticker Tape Touring are one of three other companies being investigated. The Ministry of Labour spokesman Matt Blajer said that the approved stage blueprints have been submitted for investigation. He added: "We're still trying to figure out who owns what, who's responsible for what. You've got lighting technicians, sound technicians, the band's people we're trying to figure out who worked for whom." Drum technician Scott Johnson was killed in the incident after a stage collapsed an hour before the Radiohead gig was due to start. Three other people were injured. Thanks for the report to
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