Radiohead Ticket Policy Angers Fans

artist: Radiohead date: 09/28/2012 category: music news
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Radiohead Ticket Policy Angers Fans
While Radiohead are usually lauded for their "fan friendly" policies towards pretty much everything, a number of fans have taken issue with the latest method of distributing tickets for the group's upcoming tour. As Classic Rock reports, UK shows are being sold on a paperless system to stop touts from profiteering by charging inflated prices for tickets to sold out shows. The paperless system allows fans to buy tickets in advance and then gain access to the venue with the card used to pay for the ticket and additional photo ID. However, the tickets are completely non-refundable, which has caused problems for people who wanted to pass tickets onto friends or had bought tickets as presents for others. Richa Manwani, a doctor who bought Radiohead tickets, has since been told that she'll be on call, meaning that her tickets are useless: "Only I can redeem the tickets on the night of the event with my credit card and photo ID. This means I have no way of selling them on for face value. Ticketmaster offers a no-refunds policy, which means I have lost my money". Paul Chambers, who spend almost £300 on tickets, has also had problems: "I can't go due to being away at work. The tickets are in my name and I can't pick them up. My wife isn't keen on going to the concert without me but couldn't anyway due to my name and bank card being on the bill. I would gladly sell them to fans for face value but I can't due to the restrictions". Ticketmaster has issued the following statement regarding the issue, outlining the terms and conditions of paperless ticketing: "Terms and conditions relating to the purchase of paperless tickets are clearly outlined to customers at multiple stages during the purchase process, including the initial purchase page, the shipping page and the billing page. Information relating to their purchase of paperless tickets is also conveyed on the confirmation email they receive". Radiohead have yet to comment.
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