Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood Reveals Chicken Rearing Hobby

Guitarist says his birds are "good layers".

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Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has revealed that he enjoys looking after chickens in his spare time, sharing his upset at the damage a local fox has done to his animals in recent years.

Greenwood, speaking in the new issue of Uncut, revealed that his chickens are "pretty good layers" but worries about the "crime scene" foxes can leave if they get into the coup and cause damage. "The chickens are OK. Pretty good layers. Eggs taste great," Greenwood said.

Greenwood added: "We get foxes every few years and it all goes a bit 'crime scene' when that happens - lots of burials. The foxes tend to take one or two and kill the rest.'

Radiohead recently brought their "The King Of Limbs" tour to the UK, performing arena shows in both Manchester and London. The band performed a number of new songs, but also treated fans to classic hits "Paranoid Android" and "Idioteque".

Thanks to NME for the report.

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    See this is the kind of crap I've been talking about on UG. They write terrible articles and try to make it sound entertaining or funny to grab the interest of others. They knew that people were going to see "rearing" in the title followed up with him saying "The chickens are OK. Pretty good layers." Can you guys please write something decent? Who gives a shit about the man's chicken coop?
    everything is bad about this article. the title, the comments, the article itself
    He is right though, eggs do taste great. A sus 2 is my favorite chord. (I had to say something guitar related).
    I almost thought that meant that he SLAMMED chickens from behind. Me and my dirty mind...