Radiohead's OK Computer Top Best Albums List

British rockers Radiohead have dominated a new list by Pitchfork magazine to find the best albums from 1996 to 2011.

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British rockers Radiohead have dominated a new list by Pitchfork magazine to find the best albums from 1996 to 2011.

Editors launched a readers' survey to determine The People's Top 200 from the 15 years since Pitchfork's inception and counted almost 28,000 votes to compile the countdown. Radiohead proved to be a popular choice with their 1997 release "OK Computer" topping the list, while its follow-up, "Kid A", came in at number two.

They also scored a third entry at six with In Rainbows.

Arcade Fire's "Funeral" was voted third, while The Strokes ("Is This It"), Wilco ("Yankee Hotel Foxtrot") and Kanye West ("My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy") also earned mentions in the top 10.

The top ten of Pitchfork's People's List is as follows:

01. Radiohead - "OK Computer" 02. Radiohead - "Kid A" 03. Arcade Fire - "Funeral" 04. Neutral Milk Hotel - "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" 05. The Strokes - "Is This It?" 06. Radiohead - "In Rainbows" 07. Wilco - "Yankee Foxtrot Hotel" 08. Animal Collective - "Merriweather Post Pavillion" 09. Kanye West - "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" 10. Sufjan Stevens - "Illinois"

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    It was a botched list to vote from - they offered you mostly albums that they had reviewed from the past 15 years which you could select. Or you could add your own albums separately, but let's face it most people probably just clicked on albums that were in front of them rather than typing out every album that has made a difference in their life that pitchfork had overlooked. Radiohead are easily one of the best bands of the last 15 years though.
    I love Radiohead and OK Computer and Kid A deserve the top 10 BUT.. This should really be called the hipster/indie kid Top 200 albums, because so many good albums were obviously overlooked like: Muse - Origin of Symmetry (a lot of indie kids love it, I don't understand), RHCP - Californication, By the Way, Stadium Arcadium, Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile, Tool - Lateralus(!!), Rage Against the Machine - Battle of Los Angeles I mean come on. Label your lists properly.
    I know, right? I mean, a best album survey by a magazine called Pitchfork, you think it'd be all metal? I've always thought that it was an odd name for a mostly indie music magazine. Really, the article writer should've mentioned the magazines focus in the article to more clearly point out the independent / indie vibe to the list.
    20 coments down and so far no sign of any classic rock or thrash metal fans whining about how all music nowadays is apparently shit. So far, so good.
    I love Radiohead....but I have to say, In Rainbows is much better than Kid A. It is even debatable as to being as good as OK Computer. But either way Radiohead POWNED this list.
    As much as I love Radiohead, however...I don't think they should be credited for having 3 of the top ten. Where is Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf? That was legendary.
    As much as I love Radiohead, I must say In Rainbows, in my opinion, is their best.
    By The Way - RHCP easily deserves to be on this list. Also, the people who made this list clearly hate Radiohead. I don't understand how there isn't more Radiohead on this list. /s
    Top 5 should be 1. Kid A 2. OK Computer 3. In Rainbows 4. Amnesiac 5. King of Limbs
    In Best Radiohead Order Last 15 Years: 1. In Rainbows 2. OK Computer 3. Hail To The Thief (Cannot Forget) 4. Kid A 5. King Of Limbs
    Apart from "Ok Computer". Have the last 15 years been "that" bad when it comes to music?
    Hey, that Neutral Milk Hotel album is stunning. Floored me on first listen. But stuff like Sufjan Stevens, Kanye West - take it or leave it. Like i said, readers mostly voted for songs reviewed by pitchfork and so it was more a 'readers favourite albums that have been reviewed by pitchfork' list.
    Come on, man, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is awesome.
    Shit, misplaced "Hotel" and "Foxtrot"... well, the album is still awesome.
    You're right. This article said it wrong.
    lol you're right, I think my confusion over the album's title is telling me to take out the dust out of my CD and make it spin a little. xD
    Honestly, I take Kid A over OK Computer any day of the week. Inb4, the musical inquisition.
    Root Beer
    Love the shit out of Radiohead; especially happy to see Kid A on there do high. Unfortunately, they're the only good band on the list.
    I think Elephant or White Blood Cells should be somewhere on that list, Those White Stripes albums are amazing!
    Pretty good list minus animal collective. Would of liked to see some Pavement or Dinosaur Jr. or QOTSA. to everyone who's going to start saying "This is such a one-sided list!" Just Keep in mind they have a very focused audience that voted for the albums, so of course you won't see any classic rock or blues or metal. It's mostly for alternative/indie stuff, which doesn't make it bad just different.
    It does make this a pointless news article though. As soon as I saw it was Pitchfork's, I knew what half the albums on the list would end up being.
    Excuse me, I do believe Aenima and Wasting Light or any other Foo Fighters album deserves to be on this list!
    Foo Fighters never made an album called Aenima, Tool did, it's weird that Tool never gets so much publicity, everyone know they are amazing but they arent often mentioned in rock/metal-society... also Foo Fighters rock, they should've be on every list! people say they are overrated, people who say they are overrated has NEVER even had a peek at one of their live shows, seeing the Foo live is when you realize just how epic they really are
    The Foo Fighters are sooooo overrated man. Can someone explain why they're so popular? They just sound so generic and bland to my blown eardrums.
    I do entirely agree about OK Computer being the number 1 and I do love In Rainbows just as much but having 3 of their best albums in the top 10 is a bit too much. Personally I would have put QOTSA's Rated R, the Foo Fighter's Colour and Shape, RHCP's Californication and The Arctic Monkey's first album in the Top ten but that's just me.
    "OK Computer" is my personal favorite album of all time so it's nice to see it top this list... even though these lists are meaningless. I remember getting it the day it came out and I've loved it since. Sonically, lyrically it's beautiful (in a very melancholy way for most of it). Radiohead has written some great music since but in my opinion this is their best so far. What an album.
    The stupid thing about this list is that it's basically ignores about 75% of the rock of the last 15 years...
    In rainbows is a brilliant album. Kid A was revolutionary. OK Computer is a very good album. However, Only Revolutions (Biffy Clyro), Hot Fuss (Killers) and Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not (Arctic Spunkeys) should be on there. The Foo Fighters don't write amazing albums in my opinion, and I hate this pedestal Dave Grohl has got for writing a couple of good songs an album for the past 15 years, as much as I like them.