Radiohead's Philip Selway Unveils Sci-Fi Video for First Track From New Solo Album

"Coming Up for Air" will feature on Selway's new LP "Weatherhouse."

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Radiohead drummer Philip Selway has unveiled the video for the first track to be taken from his new solo album. Click below to watch the sci-fi themed promo for "Coming Up for Air," which will feature on the LP "Weatherhouse," coming out on October 6.

As NME reports, the video was directed by Spanish collective NYSU. Speaking about the promo, Selway commented: "Good videos can make you rethink the song that you've written. They also shine a light on what makes the track tick. NYSU have made a visually rich and intriguing piece for 'Coming Up for Air' which stands up in its own right, yet feels in tune with the track."

"Weatherhouse" follows Selway's 2010 solo debut, "Familial." The new album is a collaboration with Adem Ilhan and Quinta - artists who have previously performed in Selway's backing band. It was mostly recorded in Radiohead's studio in Oxfordshire.

"From the outset we wanted the album to be the three of us, and we covered a lot of instruments between us. With a studio full of inspiring gear and a great-sounding desk, we felt like a band. Different musicians stretch you, and I felt stretched on 'Weatherhouse', but very enjoyably so," said Selway in a statement.

The "Weatherhouse" tracklisting is:

01. Coming Up for Air
02. Around Again
03. Let It Go
04. Miles Away
05. Ghosts
06. It Will End in Tears
07. Don't Go Now
08. Drawn to the Light09. Waiting for a Sign10. Turning It Inside Out

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    Phil is brilliant - and underrated. Man, Radiohead has 5 extremely talented members, I really hope they go for something less minimalistic next album. The song reminds me of the electronic part of the 90's - early 2000 in a way. I also really want to see an Ed O'Brien record coming out, but that's a story for another day.
    I guess if they ever decide to break up we will always have gems like these from their solo efforts. Really nice track. I hope the rest of the album will be like this.
    So that's what Phil has done during the past months, I assume?
    Yeah well, it's not like they're in a hurry about LP9... Seriously though, I'm cool with this - They're all fantastic musicians, and any music from any of Radiohead's members so far has been good. Though on a sidenote, it's strange that a lot people seem to have difficulty getting used to longer time betweens Radiohead albums, seeing as they finished their EMI-contract over 10 years ago.